Congratulations Graduates!

We are very pleased to announce the completion of our most recent graduates! These are all extensive programs that take diligence, professionalism, and passion to complete. On behalf of your PRYT community, we’re wishing you all much growth and success as you create and enhance your life and careers. Join us in a shout out of good wishes and celebration to our newest graduates!

Yoga Therapy Practitioner Training/600 hr

  • Clair Convery
  • Lisa Cummings
  • Arian Deihim
  • Jennelle Dodd
  • Misa Dikengil
  • Caitlin Downey
  • Justine Ferguson
  • Swetha Kannan
  • David Lambert
  • Kerry McGaffey
  • Polina Rikoun
  • Zoe Sze Chit Ho

Yoga Therapy Practioner Training for Mental Health Professionals/500 hr:

  • Tammy Daniele
  • Ilse Jimenez
  • Jessica Maitri
  • Sherise Prince
  • Kaylee Rutchik
  • Rickie Simpson

Yoga Teacher Training/200 hr:

  • Ashley Bird
  • Kelly Hauschild
  • Kimberly Jordan
  • Philip Lipton
  • Keren Rosenbaum-Cooks
  • Desiree Vega

Yoga Teacher Training/300 hr:

  • Arian Deihim
  • Laura George
  • Swetha Kannan
  • Jessica Maitri

Group Facilitator Training:

  • Kathryn Hartman
  • Teresa Haynes
  • Christie Langen
  • Sharon Lindsay
  • Jennifer Mitchell
  • Jean Mohr

Therapeutic Life Mentoring:

  • Tamara Allen
  • Amy Archinal
  • Margaret Burkesmith
  • Anette Goelet
  • Yvette Ladd
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