Advanced Professional Specialty Practice

Tuition: to be determined
Hours: 25 hours (14 webinar, 11 practicum) each (3 required)
Duration: 6-week webinar series plus practicum period, up to three months.

Prerequisites: Successful completion of Level 3 required.

Students enrolled in the IAYT 954 Certificate Program are required to complete 3 Advanced Professional Specialty Practice courses (for a total of 75 hours). Other students, Practitioners, and Teachers may take Advanced Practice courses to deepen their educational experience, professional knowledge, and for Continuing Education (as allowed).

This series of specialty courses is designed to support the yoga therapist or yoga teacher in offering more advanced forms of the Phoenix Rising approach by offering (but not limited to): Individual Yoga Therapy of One on One Yoga Sessions, Classes, and Workshops for specific population groups. Therapists and Teachers will leave this course with the knowledge, skills and experience that will support them in crafting outlines for classes, individual embodied experiences, short workshops, and yoga therapy sessions that address areas of special need while maintaining alignment with and integrity to the Phoenix Rising Therapeutic Yoga and Yoga Therapy Process.

Each course includes specific advanced techniques to support clients/students with specific conditions or within particular populations. Techniques include guided physical yoga experiences with dialog and integration, breathing, intention setting and action planning. Throughout these electives students are encouraged to practice discernment skills to better serve each individual client based upon moment to moment awareness and choice. An inductive approach is used by faculty to support students empowerment and confidence in working with a diverse client base.  

Each course will begin with a 2 hour in-person workshop or live webinar overview of the specialty topic, followed by five 2 hour live webinars covering particular focus areas within that topic and preparation for the practicum. A practicum period of 1-2 months will then be followed by a final webinar to integrate students’ practicum experiences and complete the course.

Students will engage in a supervised practicum with a field faculty advisor who will support them in beginning to work with their chosen population. The field supervisors will be experienced in working with the population being explored and will guide student’s work in the field. Students will be responsible for finding a suitable supervisor and obtaining approval from the Dean of School for that person as a field faculty advisor.

Possible Advanced Professional Specialty Practice topics:

  • Advanced Techniques for Teaching – individual yoga sessions, workshops, special classes
  • Yoga Teacher Training Module A: Dual Process may be used to fulfill 2 Advanced Practice credits
  • Protocols for working with specific conditions/populations:
    • Cancer
    • Grief
    • Trauma
    • Eating Disorders
    • Addiction
    • Anxiety
    • Couples

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