Financial Policies

Our intention for creating financial policies is to ensure clear and honest communication about the financial exchange, in the form of tuition, for our training programs. Having a framework for clear and honest communication about finances supports the integrity of this exchange of resources between students and Phoenix Rising. We appreciate your support and understanding in these matters.

Application Fees
These fees cover our administrative processing time for Certificate Program applications and Transfer Credit requests (for courses taken elsewhere; limited availability). The $75 fee is not refundable whether accepted to the program, or given credit, or not.

All deposits are non-refundable but may be transferable-for-up-to-a-year, ONLY when the participant withdraws or transfers at least 7 days before the program start date. Deposits may be used toward another course. Exception: Deposits (for courses not yet taken) are fully refundable if you are not accepted into the program you are applying for.

Tuition Balances
Full tuition is due for each course 10 days before the start date of that course unless prior arrangements have been made with our business office (see payment plan options below).

Withdrawal Notification Requirement
Course withdrawals must be made either in writing or by phone directly with the Phoenix Rising administrative office in Bristol. Faculty and staff are not authorized to accept withdrawals or transfer requests. See refund policy below for financial details.

Requests to transfer to a later course must be made in writing or by phone directly with the Phoenix Rising administrative office in Bristol. Course deposits may be applied toward another course for up to one year. When applying the deposit from another course, there is a one-time $50 transfer fee. The one-year time period begins on the first day of the original course start date. To apply the deposit, the course transferred to must begin within one year of the start date of the original course start date.

Refund policy for tuition (excludes the non-refundable deposit):
If withdrawal occurs:

  • up to 21 business days before start of program – 100% of your tuition balance (less the deposit) will be refunded.
  • from 21 days until 7 business days before start of program – 75% of your tuition balance (less the deposit) will be refunded. You may also choose to transfer your funds one time to another course within one year of the start date (less your deposit, and you will be assessed a $50 transfer fee).
  • from 6 business days until the start of program – there will be NO REFUND, and you will be responsible for paying the entire balance for that course. You will be allowed to transfer your funds one time to another course within one year of the start date (less your deposit, and you will be assessed a $50 transfer fee).
  • after the course starts – there will be no refund AND you will forfeit your deposit AND funds will not be transferable. If you are on a payment plan, you remain obligated to make ALL remaining payments.

Refunds will be issued by check within one month after the request is received in writing or by phone directly with the Phoenix Rising Administrative office in Bristol.

Course “No Shows”
If you do not attend the program for which you are expected and do not give 7 days notice in writing or by phone directly with the Phoenix Rising administrative office in Bristol BEFORE THE COURSE START DATE, your deposit AND any tuition paid for that course will be forfeited and will not be refundable.

Re-enrollment after Course Incompletion
If you do not complete a course but wish to re-enroll in the future, you will need to complete a re-enrollment application. Before your application for re-enrollment can be accepted you must have met all previous financial obligations. At that time, we will consider credit for money paid and work completed.

Cancellation Policy
In the unlikely event of a course cancellation due to low enrollment or other unforeseen circumstances, Phoenix Rising reserves the right to cancel a course up to 10 (TEN) business days prior to the start date of the course.

Payment Plans
Payment plan options are available when total tuition balances are greater than $2,000. A $25 payment plan initiation fee AND 25% down payment of the total course cost is required. Your non-refundable deposit can be included in the 25% down payment requirement. A minimum payment of $200 per month is required, and the term can be no greater than 12 (TWELVE) months. Tuition for all course(s) must be complete before your graduate Certificate of Completion can be issued. To receive this option, simply make a request to the Phoenix Rising administrative office.

Returned/Late Payment Fees
A $20 fee will be charged for all returned checks. A $20 fee will be charged for all declined credit/debit card payments from an auto pay set up unless rectified within 48 hours. A $15 late fee will be charged for payments received after the due date.

Financial Aid
Financial aid forms are available by request. Financial aid criteria is need based, and the maximum aid is 30% of the course cost (usually lower). We recommend that you also explore financial aid and grant opportunities through governmental agencies, professional associations, and non-profit grantors.

Tuition does not cover:

  • Travel
  • Accommodations
  • Meals
  • Books (Required for some courses.)



for Supervised Practicum Courses:
Level 3 | Group Facilitator Training | Therapeutic Life Mentoring | Mentoring for Yoga Teachers

Additional Expenses to budget for during a supervised practicum:

  • Yoga therapy sessions you receive from Certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapists ($85-$120 per session).
  • Communication charges for consultations with your mentor or other faculty
  • Rental or purchase of recording equipment if needed
  • Additional supervised work, which may be required for certification
  • Extensions beyond packet due dates

Status change after practicum start dates
Participating in the practicum sections of our courses is a significant commitment of time and energy for mentors, teachers, and administrative staff as well as students. Our staff can be present to your needs and serve you better if you submit your completed work by the due dates and complete the course in the allotted time frame. However, we understand that due to unforeseen circumstances, this isn’t always possible. It is our intention to continue to accommodate your needs if they do fluctuate. The financial guidelines for student status changes and course extension are as follows:

  • Practicum incomplete by end date: If you are unable to complete the practicum requirements by the course or program end date, you may choose to enter into an extension. The minimum extension is one month. The fee for extension is $250 per calendar month for each of the first three months and $300 per month for additional months. A $25 administrative fee is due with the first month’s payment. There will be an additional $75 charge for any video requirement that is reviewed during extension.
  • Extra work: If you are asked to complete extra work before being certified, the fee for additional work will be determined by the amount of work and the duration of the additional supervision period.
  • Late or incomplete packets of assignments: There will be a charge of $25 for late or incomplete packets.
  • Late or unacceptable video: If a video is late, inaudible, or otherwise unacceptable, there will be a charge of $75 for each additional video you are required to resubmit.
  • Level 3 Midterm incomplete: If an emergency arises, and you are unable to attend the midterm specific to your program, you may attend the next scheduled midterm. Missing the midterm also means you will be unable to complete the 3rd and 4th packets and will be asked to enter into hiatus status until you are able to rejoin the program. If you miss midterm, and are still in packet 1 or 2, you may choose to continue mentoring and packet work until you finish packet 2. At that time, hiatus status will begin until you enter the next midterm. The fee for completing the midterm and packets 3 & 4 during the next Level 3 is 33% of the standard full tuition for Level 3. If portions of the first two packets are incomplete the fee may be higher. This fee is in addition to the tuition for the Level 3 program you already paid and in which you are already enrolled.