Mentoring for Yoga Teachers:
Intention into Action

Tuition: $995 (NEW PRICE!)/$945(EB)
Hours: 93 non-contact hours
Duration: 3 months independent study and mentoring

Prerequisites: 200 hr yoga teacher training from any school
Application: There is a brief application and interview process prior to beginning work with the mentor.

Intention: To support the student in becoming a more effective yoga teacher; to support the student in their role as a teacher and what that means in terms of  their personal as well as professional practice; to expand student’s capacity for witness consciousness and self-mentoring and  to clarify intentions for teaching and create action around intention.

If you are a teacher and want to elevate your teaching to the next level and have the support of a professional guide, coach, and mentor as you do so, this program is for you.

Course Includes:

  • practice teaching and reflection
  • feedback from mentor and challenges to embrace
  • what is a yogic lifestyle in the modern world and how to align personal and professional intention
  • support during ongoing drop in classes or a set series of classes in delivery, marketing, connection, and service
  • create outlines for classes and variations as well as short yoga workshops to suit students ongoing growth as a teacher
  • themes for living our yoga in practical ways on a daily basis
  • business component and marketing


Rolling Registration: remote practicum, no residential requirement
Ideally, take this course when upon completion of Module B to support, inspire and boost your career.

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If you have any questions, please call us at (800) 288-YOGA(9642) or (802) 453-6444.