Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Training for Mental Health Professionals (500 hr)

Tuition: $5,999 A la Carte/$5,504 Bundle
Hours: 500 hours
Duration: 9 months if all courses taken in condensed period; up to 3 years taking one course per year

Prerequisites: Degree in Mental Health from an accredited institution and a current active practice as a mental health or counselling professional.
Application: An Application and Fee, as well as successful completion of both Levels 1 and 2 with faculty approval, will be required prior to beginning the required Level 3 course.

This track is specifically for Mental Health Professionals wanting to integrate our unique “embodied mindfulness” approach to their practice.

In the Level 3 Program they will be mentored by a fellow professional who has successfully integrated this work into their Mental Health Practice. In Levels 1 and 2 you will also include a  focus hands off and verbally directed approaches to embodied presence that will be more appropriate for a clinical setting.

The Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Training Level 1,  Level 2 and Level 3  courses are the core curricula of this program and will introduce you to the basic concepts, fundamental postures, and important dialogue techniques required to practice this “modality”. Level 3 is a nine-month program consisting of two residency periods and a supervised practicum created in each student’s home environment.  Unique to this yoga therapy program is that you learn how to practice a discreet “modality” with established protocols that are transferable to a variety of populations, needs, and work environments.

Students are assigned mentors who give feedback, guide studies and personal growth, and help students refine techniques. Acceptance into Level 3 is based on application and proficiency after Levels 1 and 2.

During the training, we focus on each student’s personal, as well as professional, development; we believe that the quality of the yoga therapy practitioner’s ability to achieve a profound level of presence is a key factor in how well a client benefits from a session.

Required Courses:

The following courses are not required but are highly recommended: