Adjunct Courses:

Anatomy and Physiology

Applied Yoga Philosophy

Basics of Ayurveda for Yoga Therapists

Chakras and the Subtle Body

Anatomy and Physiology and Yoga Philosophy are required for Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist 600 hr Certification Track and the 954 hr IAYT Program. They are recommended, but not required for the Mental Health Practitioner Track. Ayurveda and Chakras are required for the 954 hr IAYT Program.

Anatomy and Physiology and Yoga Philosophy are both contact hour courses which may be used as part of a Yoga Teacher Training program. Ayurveda and Chakras are both webinar-based courses which may contribute non-contact hours toward a Yoga Teacher Training program.

These courses may also be taken independently for continuing education credits, personal interest and development or in conjunction with another school’s yoga therapy program, with that school’s permission.

Graduate Courses:

Group Facilitator Training  – Learn how to Lead Yoga Therapy Groups for a variety of populations and needs

Therapeutic Life Mentoring – Combining the best of our yoga therapy work  with the coaching skills needed to follow and support a client through the process of change.

Advanced Professional Practice  Advanced professional specialty topics covered via webinar and accompanying practicum

Advanced Yoga Teacher Courses:

Mentoring for Yoga Teachers Elevate your teaching to the next level with the support of a professional guide, coach, and mentor


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