Therapeutic Life Mentoring

Michael Leewith Michael Lee

Tuition: $2,995/$2,845(EB)
93 (83 contact/practicum, 10 non-contact)
 5-Webinar Series within a Six-Month Mentored Practicum

Prerequisites: Successful completion of Level 3 required.  Group Facilitator Training desirable but not essential. Final acceptance is based on interview with Course Director, Michael Lee.
Registration: Deadline for registration is 2 weeks prior to start date to make time for required application, interview and technical orientation. Deposit may be made online at any time; it is refundable if not accepted into the program. Limited enrollment. 

Help your clients to “Make Shift Happen”

We know that Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy sessions result in new awareness.  The application of that awareness into one’s life to really make a difference can happen easily and sometimes not.  The TLM  process can really help.  You will learn how to help your client identify the most significant aspect of life that wish to change or shift.  It can range from creating more meaningful relationships to launching a new career successfully that is in accord with one’s life dream, or simply overcoming an undesirable habit.

Incorporated into the  one-on-one sessions with clients is a valuable ongoing mentoring component, and post session follow up.  The therapist supports the client initially in clarifying  intentions along with specific details, determining realistic action steps and following through.  All of these elements are supported by a mind-body focus which is different to the usual “thinking about it” way we traditionally plan life change.

Along the way the  client develops muscle in  the life skills of profound presence, self-awareness, witness consciousness, and compassion as essential elements of transformation in the midst of daily human life and not removed from it. Combining mentoring with session work, creates new ways to empower clients toward awareness and action-producing change in their lives.

Students in this program will draw on their varied backgrounds, integrating other professional  skills and knowledge with the PRYT process wherever applicable.

Specialization and working with specific populations is recommended, but a more general practice is also acceptable.  e.g. yoga therapy for people in recovery from trauma, or a specific illness, or even a failed relationship, or for eating disorders, or anything of your own choosing.  Faculty support will be available to help students choose a specialty if they so desire.  Learning community support will also be inherent in the training process through various resources.

Additional mentoring or consulting will also be available to those specializing so they can draw up the expertise of PRYT practitioners with experience in their particular field.  It is essential that specialists acquire a sound knowledge base in their area of focus in order to be aware of any particular protocol that might apply in the delivery of the session work and mentoring process.  Program will include:

    • Defining and distinguishing  therapeutic mentoring and how is it different from counselling or therapy and the traditional one on one PRYT session.
    • How to maintain the integrity of the essence of the Phoenix Rising approach while more specifically addressing clients specific needs.DC011-sm
    • Integration of traditional yoga therapy work and therapeutic mentoring sessions including expanding options with the body-mind processes that apply
    • Development of broader and deeper listening and responding skills that fully encapsulate the essence of the client experience and support the cycle of life awareness, acceptance, and adjustment.
    • Introduction to a wider range of session options (physical and verbal)  to meet specific clients needs
    • Creating and implementing thematic approaches in mentoring and the application of  a life coaching process using the  Phoenix Rising theme based approach.
    • Protocol for client follow up, support, and professional boundaries that specifically apply to the mentoring process.
    • A six month practicum with an experienced mentor and faculty team to support you in successfully launching yourself into offering this service with a high level of professional skills to an expanded client base. (Note: this practicum differs considerably in nature and focus from your Level 3 mentoring experience).

“I have found that Therapeutic Life Mentoring takes the PRYT session experience to a whole new level, both for my clients and for me as the practitioner.  Rather than each session being a “stand alone,” the client is able to experience progress and make the positive changes they are hoping for.  Each new session flows on from the last, enabling gradual and sustainable changes to be made.  I am now recommending that new clients book a minimum of 4 sessions with me, and once they see the positive results they extend beyond that!” ~ Peg McPhedran, PRYT(TLM), RHN, Osler Yoga and Wellness Quest, Collingwood, ON

Course Format:

After Registration you will have your initial interview with the Course Director.  This will be scheduled after your registration deposit and application are received and before the course start date.

The course will combine instructional live webinars, group discussion, practicum, mentoring, session feedback, video feedback, professional reading, how to take your work to the world, personal growth, and specific support for your particular learning goals.  There will be one live webinar and group discussion each month usually in the third week of each month. The course will also utilize the Haiku Online Learning platform for reports, feedback, group discussion, and messaging. Some flexibility on meeting times will be offered in an attempt to schedule at a time convenient to as many group members as possible.  The practicum part of the course will require you to offer Life Mentoring sessions to clients (minimum of 3 different clients required).


Next Spring Program Start Date: April 2017 – place your deposit now to reserve your space – Very limited number of spaces

Next Fall program start date: October 2017 

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If you have any questions, please call us at (800) 288-YOGA(9642) or (802) 453-6444.