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Phoenix Rising
Yoga Therapy Conference 2016
July 29-31, 2016

For Phoenix Rising Professionals (graduate of any program),
Faculty and Advanced Students (completed Level 3 midterm)

Note that the conference is scheduled right before Group Facilitator Training
for your convenience in scheduling both events with one trip – (hint, hint…).


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Where: Phoenix Rising School of Yoga Therapy, Bristol, Vermont
When: Friday, July 29th (5pm) through Sunday, July 31st (4pm)

Update & Recertification Day, 
Friday July 29th (8am-4pm)

Registration Fee: $345 (Full Conference including Sunday Brunch) 
Early Registration: $295 before midnight June 30

Refresh & Recert Day: $195 (includes Update Workshop and Recert session)
Don’t need the recertification review? Come to the workshop portion for $45.

Package: $520 (includes Conference and ReCert Day)
Early Package Registration: $470 before midnight June 30

Friday Evening Only: $55
Saturday or Sunday Only: $135 for one day
Sunday Brunch:

Livestream or Later Video Access: $75 (Instructions to Livestream will be sent after registration. You will receive a couple of days before the event.)

Prerequisites: Graduate of our yoga therapy training, yoga teacher training (200hr or 300hr), or a student who has gone through Level 3 Midterm.
Earn credits toward your IAYT Yoga Therapist Certification Program and/or earn Yoga Alliance CEUs – 1 credit per contact hour


View and download the full weekend schedule here: PRYT Conference 2016 Schedule.

What’s the conference all about?

PRYT Conference 2016 will consist of a variety of Workshops, Talks, Panel Discussions and Celebration! This will be a terrific opportunity to meet, greet, learn, and network with your colleagues as well as delve into a variety of topics.

By attending this Conference you will gain:

  • Confidence, skills, and vocabulary to match the essence of your work directly with the needs of the people you serve.
  • Inspiration from colleagues who, like you, are manifesting effective and life changing work in taking Phoenix Rising to the world.
  • The spark you need to seize the growing specialization opportunities now available.

What’s the Pre-Conference Refresh & Recertification Day all about?

Arrive early for an update workshop and hands-on practice Friday morning to be followed by your Recertification Review Session Friday afternoon. This is a wonderful opportunity to refresh your practice, reconnect with others and the work, and integrate the refinements as you move forward.

If you plan to Recertify at the Pre-conference, please register before the Early Registration deadline so that we can be sure to arrange an appropriate number of clients for recertifying practitioners. Choose either the PACKAGE option ($470 before 6/30; $520 after) if you will be staying for the whole weekend, or the Refresh & Recert Day only option ($195) if you will be attending only for Recertification.

Specialty Workshops, Panel Discussion & IAYT Updates

Transforming Trauma with PRYT
with Cléo Burke, Diana Tokaji, Prana Regina Barrett

This 4-hour collaborative workshop will hold an intentional and informed conversation about trauma and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. We will form an experiential, learning circle engaged in bringing together a variety of perspectives and understandings of trauma, pulling from the experiences of our community, including expertise from practitioners working in the field.

How PRYT Supports Transforming Sex Abuse Trauma
Prana Regina Barrett

In her school and private practice, Prana Regina Barrett has held space for many clients who have either experienced sex abuse in childhood or as date rape.  She has many success stories of clients who, after receiving a series of PRYT sessions, notice a significant improvement in their social and professional life.  First and Second chakra wounding can effect all aspects of one’s life.  Once these chakras release the past trauma, one becomes much more empowered to create new relationships and satisfying work.  In certain cases, when working with couples, they find they are able to connect more intimately and sometimes more sexually.  In this part of Transforming Trauma with PRYT, Gina will share where these clients tend to hold this trauma and the symptoms that manifest in the body, mind and spirit.  She will also share her approach in slowly and sensitively assisting them with PRYT to open and integrate these centers.

Surviving Assault: Yoga Therapy for Early Complementary Intervention Following Assault or Trauma
Diana Tokaji

Much has been documented about post-traumatic stress disorder, but few practices have been generated for immediate trauma care. Just as we might stabilize a painful broken limb prior to hospital treatment, the broken Being warrants stabilization of body and mind – quickly – when her world is uprooted.  PRYT can adapt beautifully to the call for grounding in the first few months as well as during critical junctures of recovery and re-stimulation, when acute care is essential. This presentation speaks to a strength-based approach, embracing the pancamaya kosha model for courageous understanding of yoga therapy during crisis. We’ll generate assists to “tether” rather than “release” during instability, learn several hand mudra for powerful application, and renew paths to vijnanamaya kosha, the wisdom sheath so imperative to trauma survival. An illuminating power point describes the rupture of assault, and harnesses our intelligence to the matrix that underscores wound healing. Always thematic to Phoenix Rising work, our focus is wholeness, angling ourselves to see a client’s light at darkest times.

Befriending the Fear of Trauma Work
Cléo Burke

Participants will be led through PRYT activities to discover their underlying fears around trauma and their impulses to react to these fears. They will reflect on how our self-mentoring process supports them to be with these fears and to build foundational trust with clients that have a trauma history. In addition, participants will learn that effective work with trauma includes: drawing awareness to and acceptance of our fears as yoga therapists; understanding the rudimentary mechanisms of trauma recovery; and learning to trust that when we do less via embodied mindfulness the client gets more empowered resiliency.

Arthritis and Rheumatic Disease: Evidence and Application for Yoga Therapy with Groups and Individuals
Steffany Moonaz

Arthritis is the nation’s leading cause of disability. Musculoskeletal conditions and pain are some of the most common reasons for using yoga as a complementary health practice. Unfortunately, many yoga professionals are not equipped to meet the unique needs and challenges of life with arthritis from a biopsychosociospiritual perspective. In this 2-hour workshop, participants will learn basic pathophysiology of the most common arthritic conditions, as well as the impact of the disease on all aspects of daily life, and the evidence supporting yoga as a vehicle for transformation in this population. Guidance will also be provided about working integratively with key medical providers and citing the research literature as a tool for communication and evidence-informed practice. Participants will experience modified asana practice suitable for limited mobility clients/students during the sometimes unpredictable fluctuations of disease activity, and will hear anecdotes regarding the role for yoga metaphor and philosophy in arthritis management.

Overcoming Sugar and Carb Addictions: a Phoenix Rising Therapeutic Yoga Group
Peg McPhedran

Addictions and the practice of unhealthy habits are a common issue. As a Holistic Nutritionist for over 10 years, what I have found is that the greatest difficulty for clients is “compliance,” or being able to follow recommendations for healthy eating and lifestyle on a long term, sustainable basis. The reason is not simply a lack of willpower. Habits are thoughts or behaviours that are repeated over and over: “Neurons that fire together, wire together,”creating sometimes an unconscious desire or craving to repeat the behaviour. In other words,cravings are somatically anchored in the body. Because the brain’s physiology and survival mechanisms play a role, we need to nurture and give constant effort to these new and positive habits. Embodied Mindfulness and meditation, as offered through a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy experience, provide a means of supporting positive changes in the brain (neuroplasticity). Whether working with private clients or groups, exploring awareness, acceptance, discernment and choice will support desired change. This workshop will offer a better understanding of the brain science behind change, references for further study, and a template for how the PRYT experience can be an integral aspect of helping clients develop positive, healthy habits.

Panel Discussion

Navigating the edge between the PRYT client centered approach to healing and pathological knowledge introduced as a basis for making informed choices in the process and delivery of the work.

IAYT Updates

A report from SYTAR by Michael and Lori, plus Completing the IAYT Grandparenting Application.


C Burke

Cléo Burke

Cléo Burke is a psychotherapist, yoga teacher and yoga teacher educator in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. She uses somatic modalities such as Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy within her counselling practice to support individuals to become present to their physical, emotional and spiritual experiences and to take steps towards leading more inspired lives. Her clients include individuals experiencing a broad range of mental health issues (e.g. anxiety, stress, depression, chronic pain, and trauma).


Prana Head Shot 2012

Prana Regina Barrett

Prana Regina Barrett, BS, MIA, E-RYT, CYT, author of Lighter: Living Tantra, is the founder, lead educator, and yoga therapist at PranaHeals and Tantra to Love™, a private practice and school offering private sessions, workshops, sacred union ceremonies, and retreats worldwide, as well as the Tantra to Love™ Lifestyle Immersion and 60-hour Educator Certification Program. She has created the audio podcasts Self Love: Gentle and Restorative Asana Flows with Photos of Poses. Gina is currently offering retreats throughout the country called Women’s Body Temple: Tantra Yoga, Qigong & Sacred Dance for Sexual Vitality. She has been facilitating playful, transformative, and engaging workshops for 30 years while creating a safe container for physical and emotional transformation. Gina has been a PRYT practitioner since,

Steffany Moonaz

Steffany Moonaz

Steffany Moonaz began practicing yoga as a young dancer and pursued training as an Integral Yoga teacher. She later studied yoga therapy from the Bihar school along with Laban Movement Analysis. Through her subsequent doctoral studies in public health, she became interested in the potential for mindfulness practices to have broad, population-level impact. Dr. Moonaz completed her PhD with a focus on health behavior and complementary/integrative health research. She worked with an interdisciplinary team to conduct a rigorous randomized controlled trial investigating the effects of an 8-week yoga program for persons with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. She has received support from National Institutes of Health, Arthritis Foundation, American College of Rheumatology and Johns Hopkins University. She now serves on the faculty at the Maryland University of Integrative Health, which offers the nation’s only Masters of Science in Yoga Therapy.

Peg McPhedran

Peg McPhedran

I consider myself to be a life-long student and teacher. After completing an undergrad degree in Science (Kinesiology), I became a high school teacher and counsellor. After 32 years, I “retired” and soon began my first Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy training. These trainings (Yoga Therapy Practitioner, Therapeutic Yoga Teacher (200 and 300-hour), Group Facilitator and Therapeutic Life Mentoring) along with my experience as a Holistic Nutritionist have given me a unique perspective of the importance and role of meditation, movement, nutrition and lifestyle in helping clients make the changes they desire. I have a particular interest in Mental Health, helping clients discover the mind-body- spirit connection, what might be “getting in the way” of reaching their wellness goals, and teaching them the tools that will help them make lasting, sustainable change.

Diana Tokaji

Diana Tokaji

Diana Tokaji’s most profound training came from decades of solo exploration toward the successful healing of her own disabilities. Her foray was aided by master teachers from the traditions of Siddha Yoga, Integral Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, and Anusara. Diana holds a Master of Science in Yoga Therapy from Maryland University of Integrative Health. She has taught yoga for 30 years, is a certified practitioner of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy in practice since 1997, and is a registered E-RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance. She is a certified teacher of Pilates Mat, certified trainer of Restorative Yoga with Judith Lasater, a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists, and has nine years of peer counseling experience.

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