2018 Phoenix Rising Course Schedule

LocationsGreat Barrington, MA | Denver, COCharleston, SC | Boston, MASouthern California | Vancouver, BC | and Tokyo, Japan!

Note: We continue to add courses as dates and locations are confirmed. Keep coming back!
Courses are location-based, full-day intensives unless otherwise indicated. Details available on the Course pages.

In general each year, a yoga therapy series consisting of Essentials (Parts I & II), Level 2, and Level 3 is offered in January (Charleston–will be skipping 2019), June (Great Barrington), and October/November (Denver), and an Essentials (Parts I & II), Module A, Module B teacher training series is offered as residential intensives in Summer (Great Barrington) and Fall (Charleston); in 2018, Charleston will be running these as weekend intensives from September through March 2019. Additional Essentials (Part I on its own or Parts I & II together) and Level 2 courses are scheduled in other locations and at other times throughout the year.

Adjunct courses: Anatomy & Physiology is scheduled with each Level 3 Orientation, Yoga & Transformational Philosophies is scheduled with each Level 3 Midterm, Subtle Body is offered online in the Winter/Spring, and Basics of Ayurveda is offered online in the Fall.

Advanced courses: Group Facilitator Training is offered in December (Great Barrington), Therapeutic Life Mentoring begins online in April and October, and Mentoring for Yoga Teachers is available to start at the student’s convenience.

Print-friendly Format – by Date with Details including Early Bird deadlines (as of 6/22/18)
Print-friendly Format – by Location (as of 6/22/18)

(September-November)  Mentoring for Yoga Teachers: Intention Into Action Online with Practicum
Rolling admission, start any time during this period for 3-months of mentoring

September 7-November 11 (discount deadline: 7/9)  Basics of Ayurveda – Online Webinar Series

September 8-11 (discount deadline: 7/10)  Phoenix Rising Essentials (Level 1) – Southern California (visit San Diego page to register)
September 22-25 (discount deadline: 7/24)  Phoenix Rising Essentials – Charleston, SC

October 30-April 2019 (discount deadline: 8/4)  Life Mentoring – Online Webinar Series plus Practicum

October 11-14 & November 15-18 (discount deadline: 8/12)  Yoga Teacher Training Module A: Dual Process – Charleston, SC

October 13-19  Yoga Therapy Training Level 3 Midterm – Great Barrington, MA
October 21-25 (discount deadline: 8/22)  Yoga and Transformational Philosophies – Great Barrington, MA

October 18-21 (discount deadline: 8/19)  Phoenix Rising Essentials – Denver, CO
October 23-27 (discount deadline: 8/24)  Yoga Therapy Training Level 2 – Denver, CO
October 28-November 3 (discount deadline: 8/29)   Yoga Therapy Level 3 Orientation – Denver, CO (corresponding Midterm will be in March 2019)
November 5-9 (discount deadline: 9/6)  Anatomy and Physiology I – Denver, CO

December 8-14 (discount deadline: 9/2) Group Facilitator Training – Great Barrington, MA (Pre-residential Study begins early November)

(January-March)  Mentoring for Yoga Teachers: Intention Into Action Online with Practicum
Rolling admission, start any time during this period for 3-months of mentoring

January 7-March 11 (discount deadline: 11/8/18)  The Subtle Body – Online Webinar Series

January 10-13 & Feb 7-10 & March 7-10 (discount deadline: 11/11/18)  Yoga Teacher Training Module B: Themes – Charleston, SC

16-19 (discount deadline: 12/18/18)  Phoenix Rising Essentials – Great Barrington, MA
20-24 (discount deadline: 12/22/18)  Yoga Therapy Training Level 2 – Great Barrington, MA

February-March tbd PRYT Yoga Therapy for Couples  Webinar Series with Practicum


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