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Therapeutic Life Mentoring
Advanced course for PRYT Level 3 graduates
March-August, first meeting March 17

The Subtle Body
An opportunity to explore western anatomical and allopathic views of the body as they intersect with yogic views of energy and consciousness
April-June, time details on the course page

Mentoring for Yoga Teachers: Intention Into Action
For 200hr (or higher) yoga teachers who want to elevate their teaching to the next level
Starts at your convenience!

Online Courses in 2017

Therapeutic Life Mentoring
March-August 2017
October 2017-March 2018

Group Facilitator Training
January-September 2017, with a residency in March (Denver CO)
June 2017-January 2018, with a residency in August (Bristol VT)

Mentoring for Yoga Teachers: Intention Into Action
Rolling Admission and start times, generally winter/spring/fall

The Subtle Body
April-June 2017

Basics of Ayurveda for Yoga Therapists
August-October 2017

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Michael Lee

Michael Lee – Therapeutic Life Mentoring


Lyn Tally – Group Facilitator Training

Melanie Wood

Melanie Wood – Mentoring for Yoga Teachers

Abby Abhaya Geyer

Abby Geyer – Ayurveda for Yoga Therapists

Grace Jull – The Subtle Body







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