5 Tips for Yoga Teachers

I work with a lot of yoga teachers.  And I have been on the journey of being a yoga teacher for many years now.  I often find a commonality amongst us teachers, especially as we begin our journey.  We tend to fall into the mind trap of having to be someone other than who we are.  We often feel like we need to project this image of “perfect” as if we have already attained the highest state of enlightenment, kaivalya, and show our students that we always live from it. ... Read The Rest →

Spinning Our Wheels

Ever felt like you were “spinning your wheels” in life?  And not sure how to move on from where you are stuck? Many of us have. It’s usually a good sign. Something is calling for change.  But we are not sure or don’t want to see what is being called for – so we remain stuck. It’s times like this when a Phoenix Rising session can be a god send.  Why?  Because with minimal effort, we can tune in at a deeper level of our awareness, discover what is important... Read The Rest →