Depression, Brain Waves, and Synergetic Healing Using Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide. It is an illness that results from a complex interaction of social, psychological and biological factors that modern science is still grappling to fully understand. While situational factors, both individual, like the death of a loved one or unemployment, or environmental/social, such as war and income inequality, are often discussed in research studies, social scientist and public health professionals have identified other “macro” causes for depression. For example, there is a correlation between depression and age. People between 16 and 65 tend... Read The Rest →

Mindfulness and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy – Part 2

References to mindfulness are popping up everywhere—from glossy magazine ads and television commercials to articles in popular press and newspapers. The act of “being mindful” has entered everyday vocabulary and a growing body of research is scientifically quantifying the numerous benefits of mindfulness practice including lowering high-blood pressure, reducing stress, improving sleep quality, strengthening concentration and boosting the immune system.   While benefits associated with mindfulness are often touted, precisely what is meant by “mindfulness” is not always clear. The term is used interchangeably to refer to a variety of... Read The Rest →

Mindfulness and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy—Part 1

My introduction to mindfulness meditation and to Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy happened within months of one another. Although I had been practicing yoga for almost a decade, I had only flirted with the idea of meditation. It seemed mysterious and conjured up images of monks in robes and years of practice and devotion. In short, daunting, something that required much investment without any guarantees of reaping the often-touted rewards such as calmness, clarity, and peace and let’s not forget enlightenment.       My initial experiences with mindfulness meditation stand... Read The Rest →

Phoenix Rising Yoga – Working with the Body and Fear-Based Tension

We are embodied, that is, we experience everything in life through our body. Our mind and body work together to support us in the daily experiences of living. Yogis have understood our mind-body connection for thousands of years. In yogic terms, there is no separation between mind, body, and spirit; the three are in “union” (one definition of the word yoga). What happens in the mind also happens in the body and spirit and vice-versa.  At times unresolved emotional experiences are stored as tension in the body, in the unconscious mind as coping strategies and/or show up in... Read The Rest →

Accepting Your Real Time Truth the Phoenix Rising Way

“Practicing acceptance does not mean that you are surrendering to the status quo & not going to change anything. It simply means you are accepting what is, a precondition to change.” ~ Michael Lee   Our truth changes. What is our reality one moment, may not be so the next. While we all know that change is inevitable, accepting change is often easier said than done. There is comfort in what is familiar, even if it no longer serves or reflects our personal truth. As I have sat with accepting... Read The Rest →

Modern Yoga History and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

My grandfather emigrated from Holland and homesteaded in Wyoming. He and my grandma lived in a one-room house next to a root cellar. Over the years the ranch grew, until the original one-room house became a storage shed. As kids, the little shed and especially the cellar, fascinated my brother and me.  The shed was old and weathered. The cellar was dark, musky and contained artifacts hiding in corners and in the bottom of storage bins of a time gone by. When I looked around at our ranch house, garage... Read The Rest →

The Body and Yoga Therapy – No Substitute for Direct Experience

~Written by Lori VanBuggenum   When I was a kid, I loved to paint by numbers. The dark black outline created a sharp contrast to the empty spaces that awaited my choice of color. At times I would paint using the color that matched with the corresponding number and other times I would go rouge, using whatever color I wanted to fill-in empty space. The image outline created a framework for me to practice self-expression, be it guided by numbers or my own creative color inspiration.  I find myself using... Read The Rest →

Not Knowing as Knowing with Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

I’ve started to leave my iPhone at home. The first time it happened by accident. I was in a hurry, rushing to get to yoga. By the time I realized I left it, it was too late to go back. Anxiety gripped me. What if I missed a text or a call? What if I wanted to post something to Facebook? What about having music for the drive? What if I needed to Google something or lookup directions? After a few blocks, my anxiety began to lessen as I settled... Read The Rest →

Self-Acceptance and Accessing Our “Wherever” Truth with Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

Trust yourself. This seems to be a message that I have been receiving in various ways over the past month. Sometimes it is within the context of things working out as I have desired or hoped, such as finding a parking spot in a packed lot after trusting my hunch to go right. Other times the reminder has been associated with loss or pain in not receiving what I want. I recently put an offer in on a short-sale-I-can’t-believe-I-found-it-house and rather than following my gut, I defaulted to the realtor’s... Read The Rest →