Thank You, Deepak

I recently had the opportunity to attend a fascinating lecture by Deepak Chopra, author and pioneer in alternative medicine. He was at Yoga Journal Live New York speaking about his latest book, You Are The Universe, co-authored by physicist Menas Kafatos. The experience reminded me of some beliefs I held in my early years in yoga, which I had not thought about in a while. As the discussion began to touch upon these familiar concepts, I recognized an opportunity to finally revisit these beliefs that, up until now, I’d had... Read The Rest →

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy 30th Anniversary Celebration #1

We begin our year long celebration of our 30th Anniversary with gratitude and this gift from us to you! 2016 Marks the 30th Anniversary of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. We are starting off the year by offering you the first gift of the year – which was created just for you by our Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training Lead Faculty member, Sarah Kaczor. In this new year, find a quiet place, alone, or with others, and take in this 20 minute Phoenix Rising Therapeutic Yoga Experience. CLICK PLAY BUTTON BELOW. Happy New... Read The Rest →

More Clarity

Who are we? What do we do? What distinguishes us? What are our intentions? Let’s start with what we do. In terms of our GLOBAL and PERSONAL vision, we help people and professionals live significant and meaningful lives. We do this by accessing wisdom primarily from their bodies. As a result, they take effective and empowered action that makes a difference in their lives and in the lives of others. Let’s dig a little deeper into this. As far as our programs go, the above definition not only helps us... Read The Rest →

Mentoring – What is it and Why do it?

Mentoring has been a major part of your Yoga Therapy Training since the first complete course in 1987.   Since then some 2000 of our students have been mentored by those who took the journey before them.  We’ve learned a few things about the process of mentoring and we still offer it because it is one of the best ways of supporting a student towards a professional practice. We’ve also learned that most of our students form an amazing relationship with their mentor.  One of our “in” jokes is to... Read The Rest →

Join us and make an IMPACT at Kripalu (September 28-30)!

Lori and I are attending the Symposium on Yoga Research (SYR) at Kripalu, sponsored by IAYT.  We’ll have a Phoenix Rising booth there as well. Lori and attended last year and were impressed by the amount of yoga/medical research going on in the world. What I’ve noticed recently is that there is more and more research being done using mindful styles of yoga that focus on awareness that brings forth empowerment for lifestyle, thought shifting, and change as opposed to types of physical prescriptive yoga with a treatment approach in... Read The Rest →

Make Shift Happen – A Mission of Empowerment

I’m in the business of educating professionals.   My success in that arena is very much governed by how well those professionals are able to serve their clients.  But what does that mean?  And how would I know if I was successful?  For starters, it helps if I can dig down a little and articulate what I’m looking for as the ultimate outcome of my work.  So here’s my mission.  To educate professionals who will help the people they serve to create more empowered, authentic, and meaningful lives by trusting the wisdom... Read The Rest →

Harness Body Wisdom – Capture the “Ahaa…Moments”

Ever had one of those ahaa… moments during your yoga practice?  You know, the moment when you get sudden insight or awareness that has life changing potential? I think we all have them from time to time regardless of the nature of our practice.  My belief is that when we engage our body and become very present to our whole being through the medium of our body – something magical happens.  I think our bodies have amazing wisdom to share with us and are just waiting for that right moment... Read The Rest →

Embodying Truth – Making Better Life Choices

In my last blog post Embodying the Dharma – Yoga Practice for Buddhist Teachings, I talked about the Four Noble Truths in Buddha’s teachings and how we can embody those truths in our being and integrate them into our lives.These universal truths describe the fundamental essence of spiritual psychology and the reality of the human condition. Without an acceptance of that reality, the transformational process is blocked. There are some other truths (noble or otherwise) in our lives that are not so self-evident or universal.  These are the truths that apply to us... Read The Rest →