Embodied Mindfulness – Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

in collaboration with Dr. Robin Armstrong, DC, RYT Many of us were drawn to the yoga mat by the many health benefits of the practice: stress relief, freedom of movement, a calm mind, and a healthy body, to name a few. Western science has begun to study the use of yoga as a therapy and has found it to benefit many conditions ranging from depression and anxiety, to cancer care support, chronic low back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, multiple sclerosis support, and more. The popularity of yoga is continuing to... Read The Rest →

The Power of Presence: Can Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Help Reduce Anxiety?

Anxiety disorders are ubiquitous across the globe. A recent study found the current global prevalence for anxiety disorders to be 7.3% of the world’s population – that means 1 in 14 at any given time, and 1 in 9 during any given year will experience an anxiety disorder (Baxter 2013). Anxiety, which is distinct from fear, was clinically defined in a 2009 study as a “future-oriented mood state associated with preparation for possible, upcoming negative events” and presents as symptoms of worry, avoidance, and muscle tension.  (Craske et al 2009;... Read The Rest →

The Body’s Wisdom: Learning to Listen with Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

As a practitioner of yoga vedanta for over a decade I have always been taught that I am not my body, and although I still believe this to be true, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy has helped me discover that my body is wise beyond measure and is my greatest tool for self-discovery. Phoenix Rising is based in the belief that present moment experience is grounded in the felt-sense of the moment, and that the body is a resource for harnessing mindfulness, presence, and awareness – all skills required in the... Read The Rest →