The Subtle Body

Grace Jull

Grace Jull

This course will offer students the opportunity to explore western anatomical and allopathic views of the body as they intersect with yogic views of energy and consciousness; to understand the koshas as layers of form and consciousness, the primary composition, common obstructions and some yoga interventions for each layer; to understand the chakras and corresponding visceral cavities, including key structures of gross anatomy, key fascial, marma and nadi pathways and some yoga interventions for each area; and to develop intervention strategies to explore and adapt in collaboration with the yoga therapy client’s ever changing interests and within the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy process.

Tuition: $625/$563(EB)
38 (26 in webinars)
Duration: 10 online webinars. All of our online webinar courses are conducted in real time with live faculty-student interaction. Attendance during the live webinar, as scheduled, is required.

Prerequisites: None. Phoenix Rising Essentials recommended.
Required Reading: The Subtle Body by Cyndi Dale (on Amazon)

Winter/Spring 2020 – Discount Deadline: 11/15/2019
Will begin January 14, 2020 and end March 24 (skipping 3/17). Tuesdays, 7-9:30pm Eastern time


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