Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy 600hr Program

This Program is suited to yoga teachers and other professionals who want to learn the core Phoenix Rising approach. It is open as well to students from other schools seeking transfer credits to other programs and who want to integrate the Phoenix Rising modality into their yoga therapy skills.

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is a body-mind approach to yoga therapy utilizing the concept of embodied mindfulness – which we have refined over 30 years in training over 1700 yoga therapists. The courses Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Essentials and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Training Level 2 and Level 3 are the core curricula of this program and will introduce you to the basic concepts, fundamental postures, and empathetic dialogue techniques required to practice the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy modality.

The nine-month Therapy Training Level 3 course consists of two residency periods – Orientation (7 days) and Midterm (7 days) – and a supervised practicum (9 months) practiced in each student’s home environment. Unique to this yoga therapy program is that you learn a discreet modality with established protocols that are transferable to a variety of populations, needs, and work environments. Students are assigned mentors who give feedback, guide studies and personal growth, and help students refine techniques. During the training, we focus on each student’s personal, as well as professional, development; we believe that the quality of the yoga therapy practitioner’s ability to achieve a profound level of presence is a key factor in how well a client benefits from a session.

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Who can benefit from this program:

Yoga Therapists, Yoga Teachers, Mental Health Professionals, and others who want to empower students and clients to create more powerful, meaningful, and fulfilling lives in both classroom and practice environments.

What will get you there:

Yoga Therapy Essentials (Level 1), Yoga Therapy Assists & Dialogue (Level 2), Yoga Therapy Practicum (Level 3), Anatomy and Physiology, Yoga & Transformational Philosophies

What to expect:

  • Learn the distinction between present-centered awareness (direct experience) and narrative referencing, and why this distinction is essential from a neuroscientific perspective.
  • Learn skills to engage others in direct experience through the body so that they can immerse themselves into a profound state of awareness.
  • Acquire tools to engage others in integrated mind-body practices, such as safe touch, loving presence, embodied engagement, assisted yoga, and focused awareness.
  • Gain understanding of the process of change.
  • Explore the interaction of the body, breath, mind, intellect, and emotions.
  • Learn to create a safe container through presence, dialogue, and touch.
  • Acquire tools for effective dialogue, empathetic listening, and body-mind integration that leads to life changing action, and an understanding of how to apply this approach in your own classes or private practice.

lifting arms

All the faculty I’ve interacted with and connected to are absolutely amazing.
- Caroline Schwatz

Previous Program Requirements:

Students who started their program prior to 2019 may be meeting older requirements in effect at that time. If you are a current student unsure of which requirements you need to meet, please contact

Tuition: $7,349 A la Carte/$6,692 Bundle (plus application and administrative fees as applicable)

Duration: Program may be completed in 9 months (or more)

Prerequisites: 1 year of yoga practice

Application: Application required prior to admittance to Level 3.

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