Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Level 2 Taipei

Refine and expand on the skills learned in Phoenix Rising Essentials and deepen your growth through applied practice.

November 20-24, 2019

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In this course, the focus is on further development and refining skills learned in Phoenix Rising Essentials. Students will have an opportunity to deepen their own personal and professional growth through applied practice sessions. More focus will be placed on advanced dialogue skills and variations on assisted postures. Students will learn different approaches to engaging the mind-body and how to deepen the yoga therapy experience by increasing awareness. Students will also be introduced to an integrative process for helping clients open to transformational opportunities through attunement to their own inner guidance and how to use the yoga therapy session as a vehicle for working with the transformation process.

Faculty: Michael Lee

Host Studio: Yoga Mindon, Taipei, Taiwan

Prerequisites: Phoenix Rising Essentials (Part I and Part II)

Recommended Reading: Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy: A Bridge from Body to Soul by Michael Lee


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September 26-29, 2019

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