Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training
Module A: Dual Process

Learn how to bring embodied mindfulness, introspection, and self-inquiry to your students’ asana experience.

Dual Process means teaching with bi-directional focus. One focus is upon providing safe, verbal, direction and instruction, while, at the same time delivering a second focus on embodied, introspective, self-enquiry. It’s one of the distinguishing features of the Phoenix Rising approach to yoga therapy and teaching therapeutic yoga.  

Phoenix Rising Therapeutic Yoga is about embodied presence and awareness. By using the physical experience of yoga as a portal, students enter the deeper realm of embodied self inquiry to gain insight and awareness that can be applied to their life. Overlaying the basic instruction with a guided student centered dialogue leads to deeper awareness of the connection between one’s physical experience and one’s life experience.

This training introduces the teacher to the fundamental elements of dual process. This approach also meets the criteria for “trauma informed yoga” and is appropriate for many and varied therapeutic applications. There are now significant research findings to show that yoga experiences with a focus on embodied presence and awareness support greater health, well-being, recovery, and life empowerment. Teachers of “dual process” focused yoga classes and trauma informed yoga are now being sought after in clinical and medical settings to support patient recovery and life adaptation work.

What you will learn:  By the end of this course you will understand the distinction between “instruction” and “education.” You will be able to use language in guiding a yoga class that will give your students clear directions in postures, breath, and focused awareness as well as a unique “inner” experience. You will be able to support students in being able to use their yoga practice as a valuable tool for empowerment and for navigating their life more effectively. You will have taken the first major step in creating a career in teaching yoga therapeutically.

This course will cover the following:

  • Teaching methodology, the art of “andragogy” (a model of adult learning),  and the power of self inquiry in the therapeutic process.
  • How to prepare students for a “dual process” type class experience.
  • How to support students in integrating the experience and make appropriate individual life application possible
  • Introduction to the concept of  “The Edge” in the therapeutic yoga experience and the language to support student experience and recognition.
  • A basic class outline and instructional techniques for supporting a quality experience of therapeutic yoga for students at many different levels at the same time.
  • Understanding of and capacity to facilitate witness consciousness and embodied presence, and what it means to empower students in self-discovery without imposition of teacher agenda.

Credits you will earn with this course:

  • Begin your Phoenix Rising Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training with Phoenix Rising Essentials followed by Module A.
  • 300 hr Certification consists of: Phoenix Rising Essentials, YTT Module A: Dual Process, YTT Module B: Themes, plus two-three additional courses.
  • If you are a Mental Health Professional, learn to provide safe, verbal direction and instruction to guide your clients into an experience of embodied mindfulness.
  • Yoga Alliance CEUs (59 contact/5 non-contact hours; starting in 2020: 68 contact/15 non-contact)

Tuition: $1275/$1190(EB)
Hours: 68 contact hrs plus practicum session and mentoring hours

Prerequisites: Phoenix Rising Essentials
One year of yoga practice
Required Reading: Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy: A Bridge from Body to Soul by Michael Lee


July 25-31 NOW July 10 – August 14 – Great Barrington, MA NOW ONLINE – led by Sarah Kaczor Greco, Jennifer Mitchell, and Michael Lee


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