Yoga Therapy Training Level 3

Yoga Therapy Training Level 3 is the most comprehensive phase of the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy core curriculum: a nine-month part-time, distance learning mentored practicum, plus two seven-day residential intensives (12 days if a student stays for adjunct courses). It is designed to give you the professional experience, knowledge, understanding, and confidence needed to establish a career. Students have a chance to observe themselves in action and receive detailed supervision. This part of the program includes practice sessions and detailed reports, intensive workshops, reading of professional literature relating to yoga and psychotherapy, professional business practices, and essay writing.

Level 3 begins twice each year in January and June. You are eligible to apply for Level 3 if you have successfully completed Level 2 within the last year. If you have completed Level 2 more than one year ago, please call and speak to the Level 3 Program Director before applying.

Orientation Residency Program

  • Orientation to distance learning, the mentoring process, and program materials.
  • Coaching and feedback on a sessions given in the mentor groups.
  • Technical review and practice of assisted postures.
  • Anatomical considerations of assisted posture work.  
  • Practitioner Alignment and strength for assisting postures.
  • Introduction to Professional Ethics and boundaries.
  • Working with first-time clients.

Midterm Residency Program

  • Coaching and feedback on sessions given in the mentor groups.
  • Technical review and practice of assisted postures, dialogue, and integration.
  • Teaching and practice of advanced dialogue techniques: Two-part Dialogue and Open- Ended Journey Dialogue.
  • Teaching and practice of the Extended Body Scan.
  • Professional ethics, boundaries, and guidelines for establishing a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy practice.

Supervised Practicum (Non-Residency)

  • Forty-eight practice sessions, with self-observation and feedback on eighteen of them.
  • Four exchange sessions with peers.
  • Four professional sessions received from certified practitioners.
  • Selected reading of professional literature.
  • Daily yoga and meditation practice.
  • Telephone conferences with mentor.
  • Evaluation of session work via video.
  • Self-evaluation/Self-study Assignments.
  • Client Created Student evaluations.


Technology used during this course:

  • PowerSchool Learning (PL) – for overview and assignment information
  • – for online meetings and private video sharing
  • Google Drive – for assignment file sharing
  • Facebook – for connection
  • Student Support page on – for forms and administrative information

Additional Expenses

Please note and plan on the following potential expenses during the Practicum:

  • Books for required reading (access to list will be provided during Orientation)
  • Receiving Professional Sessions (four total) – Mentors are available at a reduced rate (typically $85) during Orientation and Midterm. Other practitioners will charge their standard rate (typically $85 to $125).
  • paid account to enable private video sharing ($15/month)
  • Rental or purchase of recording equipment if needed (most commonly, this is a microphone)
  • IAYT Student Membership ($50/year) – will facilitate research for required assignment in Quarter 3 of the Practicum
  • Travel, accommodations, and meals during Residential sessions.

Adjunct Courses

Tuition: $4,499/$4,273(EB) not including $75 application fee
Tuition includes Orientation, Midterm, Practicum and Independent Study
Hours: Residencies – 104 contact hrs. Practicum – 36 online contact hrs, 48 sessions delivered, plus independent study, documentation, and homework
Duration: Two 5-7 day residencies plus 9 months supervised mentoring
Schedule: Both sessions begin at 5pm on the first day. Daily schedule is roughly 7am-5:30pm (each day will be different) followed by evening sessions.
Prerequisites: Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Essentials and PR Yoga Therapy Training Level 2
Application: Admittance to this Level of training requires an Application and Fee (which can be submitted at any time), and successful completion of both Essentials and Yoga Therapy Level 2 with faculty approval.


This training includes 9 months of mentoring and the following residential sessions:

January – October 2020 – Charleston, SC – led by Soleil Hepner
Discount Deadline: November 28, 2019
Application Deadline: November 28, 2019
         Orientation: January 28-February 1, 2020
         Midterm: May 11-17, 2020
         Practicum Ends: September 30, 2020

June 2020 – February 2021 – Great Barrington, MA – led by Soleil Hepner
Discount Deadline: April 20, 2020
Application Deadline: April 20, 2020
         Orientation: June 16-21, 2020
         Midterm: October 18-24, 2020
         Practicum Ends: February 28, 2021

Fall 2020 – Denver, CO – led by Soleil Hepner
Discount Deadline: August 28, 2020
Application Deadline: August 28, 2020
         Orientation: October 5-10, 2020
         Midterm: March 18-24, 2021
         Practicum Ends: June 30, 2021

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