Phoenix Rising Essentials

Yoga Therapy as a Catalyst for Empowering Life Change

Tuition: $650/$585(EB) for both Parts taken together; $350/$295(EB) for each Part taken separately
Hours: 32 hours total; 16 hours each Part
Duration: 4 days (both Parts) or two 2-day segments
Schedule: typically 8:30am-5:30pm daily
Prerequisites: None
Recommended Reading: Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy: A Bridge from Body to Soul by Michael Lee

Available in: Great Barrington, MA | Denver, CO | Charleston, SC | Southern California | Tokyo, Japan | Rochester, NY (2019) | United Kingdom (2019)
Dates and other locations at end of page.

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy catalyzes powerful change by bridging the gap between yoga and mind-body psychology. This form of mind-body therapy uses yoga postures, hands-on assists, and therapeutic dialogue to facilitate growth and healing. Clients are gently guided through a meditation that brings them to a state of self awareness and inner presence, from which profound wisdom can arise. The result is clear insight and a practical, action-based approach to lasting life change.

In these two introductory intensives, you will gain greater insight into the mind-body connection and learn to skillfully apply the tools of yoga in an individualized direct experience.

This course is ideal for Yoga Therapists, Yoga Teachers, Mental Health Professionals, and others who want to empower students and clients to create more powerful, meaningful, and fulfilling lives in both classroom and practice environments.

Part I must be completed before taking Part II. We strongly recommend taking both Part I and Part II within 12-18 months to ensure maximum integration, and to build a truly solid foundation in the essential skills, knowledge, and direct experience of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy.


Overall goal: Gain deep understanding of the Phoenix Rising Method™ and its paradigm of life change based on the intersection of Yoga, Buddhism, Psychology, and Neuroscience.

You will:

  • Learn the distinction between present-centered awareness (direct experience) and narrative referencing, and why this distinction is essential from a neuroscientific perspective.
  • Learn skills to engage others in direct experience through the body so that they can immerse themselves into a profound state of awareness.
  • Acquire tools to engage others in integrated mind-body practices, such as safe touch, loving presence, embodied engagement, assisted yoga, and focused awareness.


Overall goal: In Essentials Part II, you will learn how to weave the skills and knowledge from Essentials Part I into a more seamless flow.

You will:

  • Gain understanding of the process of change.
  • Explore the interaction of the body, breath, mind, intellect, and emotions.
  • Learn to create a safe container through presence, dialogue, and touch.
  • Acquire tools for effective dialogue, empathetic listening, and body-mind integration that leads to life changing action, and an understanding of how to apply this approach in your own classes or private practice.

Continuing  Education Available for this course:
Continuing Education of 8 credits per day may be available for MFTs, Psychologists, Social Workers, (Chemical Dependency) Counselors, and Nurses.  Click here to register and pay for your CEs. Note: This will take you to a separate site.

What’s Next?


both Part I and Part II offered back-to-back unless otherwise noted; may be taken separately, as well
October 18-21 – Discount Deadline: 8/23/18 – hOMe Collective, Denver, CO – led by Bev Johnson

both Part I and Part II offered back-to-back unless otherwise noted; may be taken separately, as well
February 1-4 – Discount Deadline: 12/3/2018 – Soul Yoga + Wellness, Charleston, SC – led by Michael Lee
February 16-19 – Discount Deadline: 12/18/2018 – Sruti/Phoenix Rising Center, Great Barrington, MA – led by Michael Lee
April 26-29 – Discount Deadline: 2/25/19 – hOMe Collective, Denver, CO – led by Bev Johnson
April 27-30 – Discount Deadline: 2/26/19 – Rochester, NY – led by Michael Lee
May 4-7 – Discount Deadline: 3/1/2019 – Soul of Yoga Institute, Encinitas, CA – led by Soleil Hepner
June 8-11 – Sruti/Phoenix Rising Center, Great Barrington, MA – led by Michael Lee
July 20-23 – hOMe Collective, Denver, CO – led by Bev Johnson
July dates tbd – Sruti/Phoenix Rising Center, Great Barrington, MA – tbd
August 10-13 – San Francisco, CA – led by Soleil Hepner
September 7-10 – Rochester, NY – led by Sarah Greco
September 26-29 – Yoga United, London, United Kingdom – led by Michael Lee
October dates tbd – hOMe Collective, Denver, CO – led by Bev Johnson


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