The intention of this section is to support graduates of our Certification Programs with resources relevant to their professional practice. The following information, below on this page, is available without a log-in:
Directory Listing Update Form • Recertification Summary

More detailed and extensive resources are available to graduates on the following password-protected pages.

Log-in details were sent to you in your graduation follow up email. They are also available as a pinned post in the PRYT Professionals Facebook Group. If you don’t have access to either of those, contact the PRYT office to be re-sent log-in details. Please do not change any user account information once you are logged-in.


Directory Update
To update your information on our web Directory, please use either of the two methods below. If you do not see your name on the Directory, please check with us directly about your Certification status.

Certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy practitioners are in a unique position to experientially spread knowledge of this powerful modality, and our desire as a community is to uphold a strong sense of integrity in the Phoenix Rising process. For our Yoga Therapy Practitioners, we require a Recertification process every four years in order to:

  • Ensure that practitioners are facilitating sessions that are in alignment with the essence and techniques of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy.
  • Update practitioners on recent refinements and developments to the way the work is currently taught and delivered.
  • Support each practitioner’s success through re-connection, inspiration, and confidence.
  • Maintain professional standards.

For details about the Recertification Process and Resources to help you prepare, please log-in to the Practitioner Resources section using the link at the top of this page.