Are you a PRYT600 or MHP500?
Add C-IAYT to your credentials by April 2023 without leaving your home!

Courses are 100% online​​ through April 2023 due to COVID.

Have you been working your way to C-IAYT in the Modular Course format? Do you wish you had more support, structure, inspiration, and Sangha to get you to the finish line? If so, join the second year of our 2 Year Yoga Therapist Training Cohort-based Program and catapult yourself toward your goals!

Expand Your Scope and Build Your Career
Design and execute your vision for right livelihood.

Act now! Space is limited.

5 spaces remain. Your next opportunity to complete C-IAYT will be 2024-2025

Courses included in this 12 month Program (Semester 3 & 4):

Support clients facing significant life challenges and/or a desire for change move toward greater health and well-being through a life mentoring process that includes client homework, follow up, and accountability from clients. You will engage clients who commit to multiple sessions (3-8) to support them in achieving their healing and life goals. 

Take group yoga therapy classes to another level for your students/clients. You will use embodied yoga therapy guidance as in a therapeutic yoga class, with added time and intention for inspirational discourse, group sharing, processing, community building and continuity for their personal transformational process.

  • Learn to facilitate group sharing circles
  • Practice giving contemplative talks for use in groups and workshops
  • Plan, market and facilitate an eight week group workshop based on the 8 Themes of PRYT as outlined in the book Turn Stress into Bliss by Michael Lee 
  • Apply PRYT Method in workshop design
  • Gain an understanding of Ayurveda including its history and philosophy
  • Explore through experience and lecture how asana practice and mudras can be used to balance the doshas (organizing energies) and gunas (qualities)
  • Learn and apply Ayurvedic self care for your own health and well-being
  • Enjoy simple, fun Ayurvedic cooking instruction
  • Facilitate people in committed relationships to experience deeper connection, greater awareness and understanding, more intimacy and meaningful communication using partner yoga and two way embodied dialogue
  • Develop a repertoire of partner yoga experiences to lead

Added value when you join the cohort!


For a mere $60 more in tuition, you get all the courses above PLUS:

Semester 3 & 4 students meet consistently for the 12 months - attending the courses as well as in between the courses. It adds up to an additional 100+ hours of webinars. That doubles the opportunity to go further into business building and specialty population content. We have time to offer more mentoring, guest teachers and support in setting you up for success in the field before you graduate.

Compare schedules: Semester 3 & 4 vs. modular programming.

During Semester 3 & 4 you will engage in group class delivery and yoga class teaching skills that make up Module A competencies. Therefore neither Module A nor transfer credit will be required for those who complete this year.

One of the most compelling reasons we chose to shift our training from modular to cohort models is to put into place a structure of consistent connection for students and faculty that can support a strong, supportive learning community. Sangha literally means 'bring together.' Both the Yoga and Buddhist traditions use the word 'sangha' to signify spiritual community. In our context here, we come together in support of each other's learning, growth, and professional goals.

The intention for this year of yoga therapy training is to provide opportunities for you to build confidence in yourself professionally and reinforce the value of your work. We believe it is critical to your success to develop the ability to articulate the work you do and network with other professionals or those in position to hire you. In the modular courses like Level 3, you have touched on these topics. In Semester 3 & 4 we deepen and broaden our learning and assignments in each area.

You will:

  • Be encouraged to explore specialty areas of focus and find your ‘niche’ in the marketplace
  • Gain research literacy from guest speakers experienced in yoga research
  • Execute, report and share research focused case studies suitable for presentation in a professional setting
  • Prepare and present a final capstone project demonstrating the impact your work has had on clients

As a PRYT graduate, you likely have a professional practice. Are you thriving or surviving? You may have a vision or desire to refine and clarify your vision for right livelihood.

Whether your plan is to have private yoga therapy practice, work as a contractor/employee in a health care or educational setting, you’ll have a far greater chance of success by creating an intentional plan. A business plan that lines up with your dharma, values, principles and goals.

You will:

  • Define your values and professional/personal mission statement
  • Become aware of and work to transform hinderances, like self doubt, restlessness and worry, etc. that may block your success
  • Write a business plan that gives equal emphasis on your personal, professional and financial goals.
  • Design and execute simple/smart/ethical business practices for record keeping, marketing, and financial planning
  • Learn how to write proposals and get them to the right people for work in health institutions or educational organizations

You may need additional course credits to earn your C-IAYT. For any that are not already included in this year, we will help you find equivalent coursework from other schools. Transfer Credit may be accepted for:

  • Anatomy & Physiology (4o hrs)
  • Yoga & Transformational Philosophies (45 hrs)
  • The Subtle Body (38 hrs)

Link to Transfer Credit Application.

Note: $75 fee for each transferred course.

Semester 3 & 4 Details

  • PRYT Essentials Workshop
  • Completion of Semesters 1 and 2 OR PRYT600 OR MHP500

AND one of the following:

  • 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification with 1 year of yoga teaching experience*
    Relevant Professional Health Care License (ie: psychotherapist, physical therapist, occupational therapist, massage, etc.)

*Required if you wish to apply to International Association of Yoga Therapists for C-IAYT once training is completed.

  • $3,750 Semester 3 due March 31st, 2022
  • $3,750 Semester 4 due September 30th, 2022
    see payment options

Additional Costs:  books, Zoom account, professional sessions received

Semesters 3 & 4 comprise a one year program and therefore must be taken in tandem. In 2022-2023 each semester begins with a 6 day online* learning intensive held over two weekends,  one in April and one in October; each followed by weekly webinars (mostly weeknights with occasional weekend days), and assignments, practicum and mentoring.

*Note: Training will be 100% online until April 15, 2023 due to COVID

Start Date: April 2022

End Date: April 2023

Detailed Schedule

PRYT faculty members are leaders in the field and current practicing professionals in various health care settings. To enrich the learning we bring in guest teachers who have a depth of knowledge and experience in specific fields or areas of study.

Those who successfully complete Semesters 3 & 4 will receive the certificate PRYT Certified Yoga Therapist and be eligible to present for certification to the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT).

For completion and certification, students are required to be active participants in all scheduled learning webinars, assignments and satisfactory practicum delivery. (10% allowance is given for class absence)

In case a class must be missed, make-up options are available (additional fee may apply).

Certificate will be awarded upon completion of all academic requirements and all financial obligations met.

Our school is in transition from a modular training program to a semester program. 

2022/2023 is your last opportunity to take courses in a stand-alone fashion. If you need to complete both Life Mentoring and GFT, we strongly recommend you matriculate into Semester 3 and 4. 

Your next potential opportunity to join Semester 3 and 4 will be 2024-2025.

If you are unable to complete certification in the time frame offered, we will assist you in obtaining transfer credit.

If you have completed through Midterm and Quarter 2 practicum of Level 3, exceptions to the PRYT600 or MHP500 prerequisite may be made. This is a good opportunity to complete if you have been on hiatus. Schedule a consultation with Sarah Greco to discuss your path forward. Link to book a time with Sarah. 

You may still complete your modular C-IAYT program by registering for individual courses.

Details and registration at links:

Note: This is the last year courses will be available to you in modular format. To complete C-IAYT in the future, you will matriculate into the appropriate place in our 2 year program. Your next potential opportunity to join Semester 3 & 4 will be 2024-2025.

What do you need to earn C-IAYT?

  • 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Certificate
  • Life Mentoring (included in Semester 3&4, not available for transfer credit) 
  • Basics of Ayurveda** (included in Semester 3&4)
  • Group Facilitator Training (included in Semester 3&4, not available for transfer credit)
  • Yoga Therapy for Couples (included in Semester 3&4)
  • Subtle Body**
  • PRYT Module A (included in Semester 3&4)

**Available for transfer credit (38 hrs each)

  • 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Certificate
  • Anatomy and Physiology**
  • Yoga & Transformational Philosophies**
  • Life Mentoring (included in Semester 3&4, not available for transfer credit)
  • Basics of Ayurveda** (included in Semester 3&4)
  • Group Facilitator Training (included in Semester 3&4, not available for transfer credit) 
  • Yoga Therapy for Couples (included in Semester 3&4)
  • Subtle Body**
  • PRYT Module A  (included in Semester 3&4)

**Available for transfer credits (40 hrs, 45 hrs, 38 hrs, 38 hrs respectively)


If you are not sure what you have already completed or have remaining to complete, please schedule a conversation with Sarah Greco here.