NOTE: This program is on hiatus until further notice, and we are not accepting new students at this time.

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Our world-class yoga therapy certifications are for people serious about integrating yoga therapy into their current profession or becoming a certified yoga therapist.

This yoga therapy training is grounded in the uniquely codified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Method (PRYT Method) - highly regarded internationally since 1986. Students receive the IAYT standardized training expected from a professional level yoga therapy program with the added benefit of developing proficiency in the PRYT Method.

In the PRYT Method of yoga therapy, clients are gently guided to embrace deep physical sensation in order to gain profound embodied insight and wisdom. They are supported to transform thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and habits that profoundly influence their lives. While PRYT does not replace psychotherapy (talk-therapy), it provides a somatic pathway to a deeper understanding of the self.

Bridge the gap between yoga, mindfulness and talk-therapy to deliver a transformational versus symptom management approach to wellness.

  • Combine physical yoga with deep personal inquiry.
  • Help clients process mental or physical ailments through their bodies using hands-on and verbal techniques.
  • Expand client’s comfort zones by Playing The Edge.
  • Apply yoga therapy in one-on-one sessions, classes, groups, or with couples.

Talk-therapy has limitations; Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is limitless!

Each six month semester is 75% online yoga therapy training, and includes one 8 day in-person residential intensive in Colorado, 5.5 months of weekly online webinars, at-home work, and mentoring.

Become a yoga therapist or add yoga therapy
to your work in another health care field.


Yoga Therapy logo for PRYT Certified Yoga Therapist


Take all four semesters listed below to earn this certificate. (900hrs)

This is the path to becoming a PRYT Certified yoga therapist and qualifying for C-IAYT.


Depending on your readiness and professional goals, commit to a
six month, one year, or two year program.


(Semester 1)

If your goal is to become a yoga therapist, your journey begins here.


If your goal is to add yoga therapy skills to your current professional work, take this semester with no obligation to continue.

Yoga Therapy logo for PRYT Level 1 Certified

Earn PRYT Certified Level 1 status upon completion of this semester (six months). Learn more.


Tuition: $6000 includes Semester 1 with one 8 day in-person intensive, all webinars, practicum, and mentoring. See payment options.



(Semester 2)

Earn PRYT Certified Level 2 status upon completion of semesters 1 & 2 (one year).

Yoga Therapy logo for PRYT Level 2 Certified

Includes a 300hr yoga teacher certificate to your 200hr certificate (for those who wish to register with Yoga Alliance). Learn more.


Tuition: $6,000 includes Semester 2 with one 8 day in-person intensive, all webinars, practicum, and mentoring. See payment options.



(Semesters 3 & 4, must be taken together)

Design and execute your vision for right livelihood. By the end of this program, you will have achieved a level of readiness to take your new business into the world and bring your gift to those who need it.

Yoga Therapy logo for PRYT Certified Yoga Therapist This is the path to becoming a PRYT Certified Yoga Therapist and qualifying for
C-IAYT. Complete semesters 1-4 (two years). Learn more.


Tuition: $7,500 includes Semesters 3 & 4, with two 8 day in-person intensives, all webinars, practicum, and mentoring. See payment options.


  • Create a space of profound presence and empathy - without judgement
  • Assist asanas suited to the client
  • Offer hands-on support and consensual touch
  • Guide meditation and introspective self-inquiry
  • Deliver yoga therapy online or in-person
  • Set up conditions that “give rise” to the potential for transformation
  • Uncover the root cause of the client’s mental or physical ailments
  • Increase eudaemonia: meaningfulness, fulfillment, joy and happiness
  • Engage a process from which new insight or wisdom emerges
  • Help clients change non-serving beliefs, values and behaviors
  • Deepen knowledge of the body-mind connection
  • Increase ability to protect clients from physical injury
  • Develop resilience to support clients working through trauma
  • Understand the potential impact of this work on neural pathways
  • Build literacy for conversation and referrals with other health care professionals
  • Lead, plan and facilitate group programs and workshops
  • Expand capacity to deliver value by receiving honest and direct individual mentoring
  • Develop research literacy
  • Engage in case studies
  • Create proposals, marketing materials, record keeping and financial systems

Learning delivery methods used:

  • Self development through introspective daily practice (Sadhana)
  • 8 day in-person residential intensives and virtual classes
  • Experiential, didactic, and inductive learning
  • Accomplished guest teachers
  • Mentored practicum
  • Involved group discussion
  • Assignments in reading/writing/watching/listening
  • DEI community building (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion)