We're temporarily pausing our 2-year IAYT ACCREDITED PRYT Yoga Therapy Training Program to thoroughly assess and enhance its direction.

In the meantime, we highly recommend you join us for an exciting new offering: Bridge from Body to Soul: Applying the PRYT Method for Yoga and Mental Health Professionals. This 8 week online intensive course is designed for you: yoga and mental health professionals aiming to revolutionize your work by integrating the fundamental techniques of PRYT into your existing practice. Earn a certificate in Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Fundamentals as well as CEs for IAYT, Yoga Alliance and other professions.

Stay informed and share your preferences through this FORM. Thank you for being part of this transformative journey.

The description of Semester 2 below is reflective of as the course was historical designed.


Semester 2 begins with an 8 day in-person residential intensive where you will augment hands-on, touch, and verbal skills for concentrated delivery of the PRYT Method. We will help you set yourself up for success in your home-based practicum and mentoring that follows.

Each 8 day in-person residential intensive is followed by:

  • 5 ½ months of weekly online yoga therapy training webinars
  • Purposefully focused at-home assignments
  • Commitment to a daily yoga and meditation practice
  • Home-based practicum in which you will deliver 2-4 hrs per week of individual or group yoga therapy experiences (online or in-person), share video and self evaluation and receive impactful feedback from faculty and mentors.

Time Commitment: Allow a minimum of 10-15 hours per week including your daily practice, attending learning webinars, at-home assignments, self-study, practicum, and mentoring.


Semester 2 Learning Focus



While therapeutic yoga class teaching skills will continue to be developed, more emphasis will be placed on individual session delivery. By the end of the semester you will have gained confidence in delivering therapeutic yoga therapy experiences to a variety of populations and clients in varied professional settings.

  • Practice consensual hands-on and supportive touch intended to support a deeper state of dropping-in and heighten a client’s interoceptive awareness
  • Sequence therapeutic yoga class design for specific conditions, populations, and needs
  • Develop a repertoire of assisted postures and variations
  • Refine verbal skills (cueing and coaching) and dialogue techniques (enquiring and listening) to support clients integrate wisdom arising from their embodied experiences
  • Begin using skills to establish an ethically sound practitioner/client relationship including protocol for client intake and assessment.
  • Design and deliver contemplative therapeutic yoga classes



Founded in yogic philosophy, the Subtle Body is the various energetic layers that make up a human being beyond physicality. Through the lens of understanding that humans are multidimensional beings we’ll explore the connection of the subtle body with contemplative practices and their effect on the central nervous system.

  • Applying yoga interventions for each area of the chakras and corresponding visceral cavities including key structures of gross anatomy, fascial, marma and nadi pathways
  • Exploration of yogic views of energy and consciousness as they intersect with western anatomical and allopathic views of the body
  • Deepening understanding of the koshas as layers of form and consciousness and various yoga interventions for each layer



  • The effect of trauma on the nervous system and the importance of including the body in healing trauma - introduction to polyvagal theory
  • Eudaimonia: Faith in the human potential to grow beyond an acceptable state of wellness into bliss or flourishing


Completion of Semester 1

Not available at this time.

Semester 2 is a six month course and may be taken without commitment to continue to Semesters 3 & 4. It begins with an 8 day in-person residential retreat (attendance required) followed by weekly webinars (mostly weeknights with occasional weekend days), assignments, practicum and mentoring.


PRYT faculty members are leaders in the field and current practicing professionals in various health care settings.

Those who successfully complete Semester 2 will receive the certificate PRYT Certified Level 2 and be eligible to present as CEUs to professional associations.

Yoga Teachers who have an RYT200 certificate will be eligible to add RYT300 (becoming RYT500).

For completion and certification, students are required to be active participants in all webinars, both 8 day in-person residential retreats in Colorado, reading/writing/home study assignments, and satisfactory practicum delivery.

Attendance and active participation is required in all live webinars and at both 8 day in-person residential retreats in Colorado. Make-up options are available (additional fee may apply).

Certification is not considered complete and Certificate will not be mailed until after complete payment of all financial obligations, including any fees, in addition to completion of all academic program requirements.