Congratulations Graduates!

We are very pleased to announce the completion of our most recent graduates! These are all extensive programs that take diligence, professionalism, and passion to complete. On behalf of your PRYT community, we’re wishing you all much growth and success as you create and enhance your life and careers. Join us in a shout out of good wishes and celebration to our newest graduates! Yoga Therapy Practitioner Training/600 hr Clair Convery – Vernon, BC Lisa Cummings – Warner Robins, GA Arian Deihim – Keene, NH Jennelle Dodd – Saskatoon, SK Misa Dikengil... Read The Rest →

PRYT Celebrates its First IAYT Program Graduates!

“I’m so pleased to announce the completion and graduation of Ayano Atsumi and Stephanee Howell from our 900 hour, IAYT-Accredited Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist Certification Program.  They are our first two graduates from this extensive program and I’ve had the pleasure to work with both of these students in various stages of their training.  I can affirm their diligence, professionalism, and passion in their work.  I’m sure they will both be a credit to both the Yoga Therapy profession and to Phoenix Rising as they embark on their careers.  Join... Read The Rest →

Moms Benefit from Yoga Therapy for Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Beyond

“The job of a birth partner or a laboring mother is to look deep within, past the intellect, into the realm of body wisdom, and trust the process. This is the heart of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, and it works in the delivery room like you can’t believe!” ~Lela Beem, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Professional, Evanston, IL. Recently, as part of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy’s Professional Spotlight Series, I had the honor of interviewing Lela Beem, PRYT professional in Evanston, IL. It was Lela who I received my very first... Read The Rest →

Learning from Suffering by Embracing our Vulnerability

When Janine came to her first Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy session, she was completely exhausted and felt overburdened with life. Between taking care of two small children, working a full-time job, and carrying the financial strain of a house that had fallen into disrepair, she was left feeling stressed out, drained, and unmotivated. She felt as if she would never achieve her dream of going back to school to get her PhD. To cope, she spent what little spare time she had zoned out in front of the tv, overeating,... Read The Rest →

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy’s Foundation Series for Marketing, Business, and Professional Development: An Interview with Founder Kevin Sharpe

    After finishing my yoga teacher training with Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (PRYT), I must honestly say that beneath all the excitement of being a newly certified PRYT professional, lived a subtle level of doubt and intimidation that I had no choice but to confront, head on, if I was going to start teaching an approach to yoga that most of my community knew nothing about. In many ways, I felt like a baby bird being pushed from the safety and support of my training nest, and into the... Read The Rest →

Everyday Falling-Out Breaths: Reminders to Return you to your Phoenix Rising Yoga Practice

Take a deep inhalation in through your nose and let it fall out of your open mouth with a sigh or a sound. What do you notice? How do you feel after each exhale?   What is called a sigh in everyday life is what we refer to as a falling-out breath in Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and many of the reasons we prompt this sort of a breath during practice, are many of the same reasons these breaths happen spontaneously in everyday life. Sighing, or using a falling-out breath,... Read The Rest →

Deep Gratitude to Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

Deep Gratitude to Phoenix Rising YogaTherapy ~ For not giving me the answers, for not giving me advise, for not telling me how to be, but for instead, teaching me how to find this all within myself. ~ For reminding me that I am my greatest teacher, and teaching me a way to tap into wisdom that is always with me, beneath what I perceive as struggle. ~ For acknowledging that what I perceive as dark, and what I perceive as light, and everything in- between, are all essential parts of my wholeness.... Read The Rest →

Witnessing the Buzz: Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Style

~Written By- Sarah Bustamante If you’ve ever tried to sit down, close your eyes, and quiet your mind, you may have noticed how difficult it can be. I describe it sometimes as a feeling of wanting to jump out of my skin! But how does it get to this point? How does it become so difficult to sit and listen? How does something that sounds so simple, become so complicated? And even if it were easy to sit and listen, would we even know how to begin to decipher all... Read The Rest →

My Journey Towards Becoming a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist

When I first began practicing yoga in 2005, I was in the midst of what I would describe as an early-life crisis. I was in my mid-twenties and had just cut myself off from an emotionally abusive relationship that ended with me being granted a victim protective order. The mental effects left me feeling as if I were a mere shell of a person. Any clarity of mind or harmony I once felt with the universe was lost in what I felt to be a short- circuit between my mind... Read The Rest →

Imagery as a Valid Experience in Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

  When founder of humanistic psychology and person-centered therapy, Carl Rogers, said that “all experience is valid,” he hit the nail right on the head when it comes to the definition of yoga. When hearing the expression, “hit the nail right on the head”, an image may appear of a hammer hitting a nail, square-on, and driving it further into a surface. This image may then be formed into words which may then create more clarity around some basic understanding of the idea. In this case, it means that when... Read The Rest →