Yoga Therapy Program

Yoga Therapy Program

Our world-class yoga therapy certifications are for people serious about integrating yoga therapy into their current profession or becoming a certified yoga therapist.

This yoga therapy training is grounded in the uniquely codified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Method (PRYT Method) - highly regarded internationally since 1986. Students receive the IAYT standardized training expected from a professional level yoga therapy program with the added benefit of developing proficiency in the PRYT Method.

In the PRYT Method of yoga therapy, clients are gently guided to embrace deep physical sensation in order to gain profound embodied insight and wisdom. They are supported to transform thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and habits that profoundly influence their lives. While PRYT does not replace psychotherapy (talk-therapy), it provides a somatic pathway to a deeper understanding of the self.

Bridge the gap between yoga, mindfulness and talk-therapy to deliver a transformational versus symptom management approach to wellness.

Each six month semester is 75% online yoga therapy training, and includes one 8 day in-person residential intensive in Colorado, 5.5 months of weekly online webinars, at-home work, and mentoring.

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