Basics of Ayurveda


An experiential introduction to the practices and theories of Ayurveda.


As we cultivate body awareness through our yoga practice, the desire to learn more about ourselves begins to emerge. In this course you will experience how to discern imbalances, apply that knowledge to life and restore balance. Using the Phoenix Rising educational process – experience, explore, and discern, to source informed choice – this course will focus on practical application as well as upon building an introductory level knowledge base.

Faculty: Abhaya (Abby) Geyer

Format: Online Live Webinar Series. 12 online webinars over 8 weeks. All of our online webinar courses are conducted in real time with live faculty-student interaction. Attendance during the live webinar, as scheduled, is required.

Schedule: August-September 2022, exact dates TBD.

Prerequisites: Available only to students who were already enrolled in a PRYT Program prior to 2021.

Required Reading: Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom by Acharya Shunya

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Course Type

Online (Live Webinars)


August 9-September 29, 2019, August 7-September 27, 2020, August 6-September 26, 2021, Aug-Sept 2022