Yoga – The Body as a Vehicle for Change
Michael Lee, Founder, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy,, October 2022

Yoga Therapy Trailblazer Michael Lee Shares His Phoenix Rising System
Michael Lee, Founder, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Yoga Journal, Sept/Oct 2020

Missing the Forest for the Trees? Yoga Therapy’s Promise as a Transformational Practice (PDF)
Michael Lee, Founder, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Yoga Therapy Today, January 2019

Yoga Therapist Education and Yoga Teacher Training: Intentions Fuels Action (PDF)
Michael Lee, Founder, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, International Journal of Yoga Therapy (IJYT), October 2014

The Birth and Development of PRYT
Michael Lee, Founder, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

Yoga for Stress Management
Michael Lee, Founder, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, June 2009

Psychotherapy Goes from Couch to Yoga Mat
Alana B. Elias Kornfeld, Time Magazine, April 2009 (Note: we are now located in Great Barrington, MA rather than Stockbridge, MA as stated in the article)

Defining Yoga Therapy
Elissa Cobb, Program Director, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, March 2007

Profound Presence (PDF)
Donna Raskin, Yoga Journal, November 2005

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy from a Biblical Perspective
Gaylie Cashman is a Practitioner and wrote this piece to give to her Christian clients. March 2005

Therapy on the Mat
Donna Raskin, Yoga Journal, March/April 2004

Yoga With A Twist!
Garret Condon, Staff Writer, Hartford Courant: June 25, 2002.

The following articles about Yoga and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy were
written by Michael Lee, M.A. – Founder of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy.
For use permission, please contact Michael.

Le point sensible
Texte écrit par Michael Lee, fondateur de la yoga thérapie du Phoenix et traduit de l’anglais par Caroline Revolon, traductrice et praticienne de cette thérapie.

Playing the Edge
As featured in Yoga Journal

The Revolution in Thinking on Health and Healing

Meditation and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

Moving Through Life With Ease

Yoga for the Age
International Yoga Symposium – Hilton Hotel Singapore, Keynote Presentation Notes – Michael Lee, M.A., September 14th, 2001

Yoga for Life, Transformation and Flow

The Couch or The Yoga Mat: Yoga Therapy vs Psychotherapy

More Clarity