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Turn Stress Into Bliss:
The Proven 8-Week Yoga Program for Health, Relaxation and Stress Relief

Potential sources of stress are all around us, so it’s not surprising that increasingly stress-related disorders top the list of reasons for visits to doctorsstrsbls-200x247 nationwide. Yet, while stress is a universal condition, we all experience and handle it differently. What’s highly stressful to one person might be hardly stressful to another. “The key to effective stress relief is to become far more mindful of your own routine, the stress triggers in your daily life, and to listen intently to what your body is telling you,” says Michael Lee, the founder of the internationally acclaimed Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy program and author of the book, Turn Stress Into Bliss: The Proven 8-week Program For Health, Relaxation, and Stress Relief (Fair Winds Press, May, 2005, Paperback, $19.95, 192 pages, ISBN: 1-59233-022-3). Lee adds that “Only then can you truly build your own “inner muscle” to control stress and create lasting change both physically and emotionally.” Taking an individually focused mind-body approach and with just a few hours each week, this at-home program has demonstrated remarkable results, reducing participants’ stress-related symptoms by as much as 55% in just eight weeks. Easy-to-follow and designed for anyone—even those without any yoga experience—all you need is just a short time each day to:

  • Settle your upset stomach
  • Stop stress headaches
  • Soothe jangled nerves and anxiety
  • Retrain your mind to focus on what matters most to you, not what worries you the most
  • Experience peace, relaxation, and a feeling of being centered.

This user-friendly book, filled with vibrant photography, invaluable tips and first-person anecdotes, walks participants through the program day-by-day. With weekly focus themes, from “befriending your body” to “achieving flow,” the program uses simple yoga postures as tools for deeper self-discovery and self-inquiry combined with meditation and a variety of lifestyle changing practices. The result: A renewed sense of health and personal serenity that will last a lifetime!

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy:
book_coverA Bridge from Body to Soul

“Through the practice of Yoga, I have learned that my body is a great port of entry to the inner state of my being, my awareness, my feelings, my mind, my truth and my soul…This quest has led me to discover ways to use my body, not only to gain knowledge and awareness, but also to make changes in my life…”

Michael Lee
Author and PRYT Founder

Is there a legend more sustaining than that of the Phoenix? — a magnificent mythic bird which rises from its own ashes, symbolizing triumphant rebirth and immortality. Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy: A Bridge from Body to Soul describes author Michael Lee’s modality for just such a spiritual rebirth. Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is a program of Hatha Yoga, underpinned by Body/Mind psychology, developed by Lee. It offers not only a path for our lives, but a method for change. It is a tool for helping us to find and follow our singular spiritual path.

Michael Lee offers case studies from his work with himself and with his students on how to free the Phoenix within. He explores issues concerning self-worth, independence, parenting and perfection, as well as giving and receiving. This introspective exploration is augmented with instruction and application of various Yoga exercises.

“Wisdom resides within each one of us,” Lee reminds us. “Wisdom and inner truth.” Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy takes us from who we are to who we can become; from the self we present to the world to the Self which is truth. It is especially beneficial for those times in our lives when we must confront those deeper truths that most of us deny ourselves in the course of daily living.

These periods usually occur when [we] feel vulnerable, alone and insecure after [we] have been through the fires of destruction, when some old belief, habit or way of being becomes obsolete and no longer a part of who [we are]. What has been, is gone; what is yet to be has not begun and [we] are at the crossroads of transformation.”

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy offers yoga based, mind-body, processes that will support you in discovering how to embrace both your joy and your fear. This will help you to live your life to the fullest and find your own true self.  Like the Phoenix, you can rise from the ashes and fly in all your brilliance.

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