Life is Transformation

I believe it was no accident that I named my work, “Phoenix Rising”. The phoenix is a universal symbol of transformation.

As the Egyptian legend goes, the beautiful Phoenix bird dives into the fire to be consumed by it but then re-emerges from one remaining ember to be born again, more majestic and beautiful than ever before.  In our life, if we are being fully present and engaging it all despite our fear, embracing change, and embracing our own reality, we are indeed like the Phoenix. We are dying to the past and being born anew. That is transformation.

Michael Lee is the originator and founder of the Phoenix Rising Method (PRYT) and plays a lead role in all Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Professional Yoga Training Programs.

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Meditation on Tuesdays Feb 16 to Apr 6

On Trauma Research Foundation Platform - TRF Tuesday  4 pm - 4.20 pm
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April Fools Day Class - Shit Happens But You Don't Have To Step In It



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Accomplished inspirational conference speaker with many outstanding keynotes over a 35 year career, including Yoga, Health, Wellness, Medical, and Psychotherapy Conferences worldwide. See Michael at Yoga Australia. To book Michael Lee, email