Why You SHOULD Grandparent with IAYT

We realize should is a strong word, but we wanted to get everyone’s attention because this is VERY important to you if you want to continue to be a yoga professional – and there is a DEADLINE – June 30th, 2017 and then the window closes FOREVER on International Association of Yoga Therapy’s C-IAYT grandparenting.

What are the benefits of becoming a C-IAYT?   

  • GETTING HIRED: Yes! People are now beginning to be hired as yoga therapists in medical, corporate, and educational institutions, as well as for research projects.  These institutions will now look for the C-IAYT certification.  Why?  Because that designation means the person has had standardized quality education of 4, 5 or 10 times more than someone with only a Yoga Alliance registration. 
  • PROFESSIONAL ADVOCACY: As a professional yoga therapist, the IAYT is your professional board.  They will work on your behalf to advance the profession, offer education and professional publications, advocate for yoga therapists in the workplace, gain a category for the work of ‘yoga therapy’ in liability insurance, provide and expand member benefits, and more… 
  • DISTINGUISH YOURSELF: C-IAYT Certification is a recognition that you excel in your profession. Claim it. Proclaim it! Be listed as a Certified practitioner on the IAYT directory. Use the special service mark. Educate your clients and professional partners. Support IAYT’s efforts to raise the bar for yoga therapy schools, yoga therapy professionals, and the yoga community at large and to raise awareness and respect for yoga therapy in the wider communities we all serve.

What do you need to do to receive your C-IAYT certification through grandparenting?  

If you have taken our Level 1, 2, and 3 courses, you already have (more than) the 300 therapy training hours needed for Grandparenting Pathway 1.  You will also need:

  • RYT200 Certificate*
  • 150 client contact hours (may include sessions done during Level 3)
  • IAYT Membership ($75 annually)
  • $250 Application Fee (one-time, paid in two installments)
  • Total Cost: $250 for current IAYT members, $325 for new members

What will you have to do if you DON’T grandparent and later choose to become a C-IAYT?

The only choice if you miss the grandparenting deadline will be to pursue further education from an accredited program with TODAY’S 800hr requirements.  What does that look like if you already have your Phoenix Rising Certificate?  If you come to Phoenix Rising to get a certificate from us, you will receive credit from courses you have already taken and will need to take an additional 4-9 courses. If you choose another school, we do not know what parts of your training with PRYT will be given credit as that is up to the dean of that school.

These are the course requirements for PRYT’s accredited program (900 hours):  

  • Level 1 $650 (residential)
  • Level 2  $850 (residential)
  • Level 3 $4,499 (residential and practicum)
  • Anatomy & Physiology  $675 (residential)        
  • Applied Yoga Philosophy  $675 (residential)  
  • Chakras and the Subtle Body $625 (online)
  • Ayurveda for Yoga Therapy $625 (online)  
  • Group Facilitator Training $2,995 (residential, online, and practicum)
    OR Module B: Themes $1,495(residential)  
  • Therapeutic Life Mentoring $2,995 (online)
    OR Mentoring for Yoga Teachers: Intention into Action $1,595 (remote)
  • Advanced Professional Specialty Practice** cost may vary, but assume approximately $1,500 for all 75 hours (online plus practicum) 

**YTT Module A: $875 (residential) may be counted as 50 hrs Advanced Professional Specialty Practice

Total Cost: depending on course choices, from $14,064 (subtract cost of courses already taken) up to $16,089 (subtract cost of courses already taken)

So, if you want the benefits of the C-IAYT designation, and you prefer the first scenario, please act now and submit your application!

*PS: If you do not have an RYT200 and need one, you may only need one additional course from us. Email us to find out more in your exact situation.

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