Experience Embodied Presence

Being totally present to yourself in your body and practicing “embodied presence” may just be way of navigating life more easily.   Listen and watch Michael Lee, founder of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy talk a little about the concept before he leads you in a short 3 minute experience of embodied presence just for you.  It’s probably time you took a break anyway!

Have you ever tried to meditate in the morning and find your mind is racing?  Or tried to focus on completing an assignment and find yourself constantly distracted by thoughts of other things?  Most of us, most of the time these days have difficulty with focusing our awareness.  In Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy,  we use embodied presence as one of the primary ways of supporting our clients and students in “coming home” to themselves so they can begin a process of self-awareness and self-inquiry from a clearer perspective.  Our body, when we tune into it, can be a wonderful tool to bring us “home”.

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