Yoga Therapy Power and Ethics of Touch in Yoga Therapy in a virtual world interview with Dr. Jenilee Sneed

Impact and Ethics of Touch in Yoga Therapy

Can touch still heal in a virtual world? Soleil Hepner interviews Dr. Jenilee Sneed, Yoga Therapist and Psychologist, in this lighthearted yet insightful interview. Dr. Sneed discusses the importance of […]

yoga therapy headshot of yoga therapist lindsay stefanon

To Heal Your Body, Go Beyond the Physical

(Adapted from a blog post by Lindsay Stefanon) As we begin to heal our bodies, we discover more about our emotions. Our body is more than just physical. To say the […]


This topic has been front and center for me the past few weeks.  This week, I was a guest teacher for a group of students taking a Positive Psychology program. […]