What Should I Do About My F’d-Up Life?”

The question that Colin Beavan just had to ask his Zen teacher is one that’s on the tip of everybody’s tongues.  We live in uncertain times.  And from time to time we have glimpses of how things “should be”.  And then they disappear.  A recent article in Lion’s Roar tackles the question that Colin and many of us are asking head on.  And I like the answers.  In the past years I am noticing that more and more people coming to Yoga Therapy are trying harder than ever with the... Read The Rest →

The Power of Presence: Can Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Help Reduce Anxiety?

Anxiety disorders are ubiquitous across the globe. A recent study found the current global prevalence for anxiety disorders to be 7.3% of the world’s population – that means 1 in 14 at any given time, and 1 in 9 during any given year will experience an anxiety disorder (Baxter 2013). Anxiety, which is distinct from fear, was clinically defined in a 2009 study as a “future-oriented mood state associated with preparation for possible, upcoming negative events” and presents as symptoms of worry, avoidance, and muscle tension.  (Craske et al 2009;... Read The Rest →

Mindfulness and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy – Part 2

References to mindfulness are popping up everywhere—from glossy magazine ads and television commercials to articles in popular press and newspapers. The act of “being mindful” has entered everyday vocabulary and a growing body of research is scientifically quantifying the numerous benefits of mindfulness practice including lowering high-blood pressure, reducing stress, improving sleep quality, strengthening concentration and boosting the immune system.   While benefits associated with mindfulness are often touted, precisely what is meant by “mindfulness” is not always clear. The term is used interchangeably to refer to a variety of... Read The Rest →

Learning to Be Present to Life with Yoga Therapy

Experiences are what touch our hearts, what create our memories, our passions, our desires our dislikes. Knowledge is not the same as experiences; knowledge may influence experiences but does not result in our experiences. Every person is responsible for managing their own state of awareness and finding ways to deal with these increasing highs and constant wavering levels of stress in order to not miss out or change the experiences that appear in our path of life. “As you think, so you are. The mind guides your actions and emotions.... Read The Rest →

Mindfulness and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy—Part 1

My introduction to mindfulness meditation and to Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy happened within months of one another. Although I had been practicing yoga for almost a decade, I had only flirted with the idea of meditation. It seemed mysterious and conjured up images of monks in robes and years of practice and devotion. In short, daunting, something that required much investment without any guarantees of reaping the often-touted rewards such as calmness, clarity, and peace and let’s not forget enlightenment.       My initial experiences with mindfulness meditation stand... Read The Rest →

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and Meditation

The experience of training in Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy begins Sitting in a Circle.  This is where you delve into the experience of being with yourself while being with others – it’s how you first step into the journey of learning how to be be fully present.  The process requires developing and deepening a practice of yoga and meditation.   How does this translate into the skills needed to become a yoga therapist? Yoga and meditation form the foundational ground on which the building of skills and techniques is done.... Read The Rest →

Learning to Love Myself through Yoga Therapy

It’s not that I don’t love myself, it’s not that I need to learn how to love myself. Its that even though I love myself, i don’t always accept myself or perhaps accept all of myself. If you know me, you may know I’m strong, sometimes opinionated and stand up for what I believe in, which is all true, however this is also the part of me that struggles with the softer side. The capacity to be vulnerable and in the depths of life and any emotions that it brings... Read The Rest →

Everyday Falling-Out Breaths: Reminders to Return you to your Phoenix Rising Yoga Practice

Take a deep inhalation in through your nose and let it fall out of your open mouth with a sigh or a sound. What do you notice? How do you feel after each exhale?   What is called a sigh in everyday life is what we refer to as a falling-out breath in Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and many of the reasons we prompt this sort of a breath during practice, are many of the same reasons these breaths happen spontaneously in everyday life. Sighing, or using a falling-out breath,... Read The Rest →

10 Really Good Reasons It’s Time to See a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist

Do you believe that the mind and body are connected? Most people do these days. It makes sense that whatever happens to you physically affects you mentally/emotionally and vice versa. As Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapists, we are mind-body practitioners. By blending supported yoga poses/stretches with non-directed dialogue, the connection between what’s happening in your body is explored in relationship to your thoughts and emotions. To borrow a phrase from a Vancouver based yogi, Eoin Finn, “Our issues are in our tissues.” And let’s face it, we all have issues… it’s... Read The Rest →

Silence and Violence–a Yoga Therapy Perspective

Recently there was an abduction of a young, 17 year old lady in my community. It happened at the small shopping mall where I get my groceries, not far from my home. A man lured her out to the parking lot claiming car troubles, held a gun to her, had her drive to a remote location, and then physically assaulted her. I’m glad to report this young lady got away and the perpetrator was caught. Perhaps a relieving end to scary incident, but likely not without lasting emotional damage on... Read The Rest →

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