What Should I Do About My F’d-Up Life?”

The question that Colin Beavan just had to ask his Zen teacher is one that’s on the tip of everybody’s tongues.  We live in uncertain times.  And from time to time we have glimpses of how things “should be”.  And then they disappear.  A recent article in Lion’s Roar tackles the question that Colin and many of us are asking head on.  And I like the answers.  In the past years I am noticing that more and more people coming to Yoga Therapy are trying harder than ever with the same struggle and our work has become an important place of refuge and support for them.  But perhaps to really help them, we need to also address the question for ourselves.  So after reading the article, I find myself more committed than ever to softening around my own struggle as one of the best ways I can become available to others in need.

Read the full article here in the Lion’s Roar.

You learn from suffering, and against that background, you can recognize happiness.

–Thich Nhat Hahn–

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