Get Perspective – Don’t Sweat the Petty Stuff

This morning I was reminded of the need for getting perspective in life and discerning between what really matters and what doesn’t.

That famous quote of George Carlin came to mind – “don’t sweat the petty things”.

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“Get Perspective” is easy to say, but how do we make this a daily “practice” in our life? Try this .

DAILY PRACTICE – Perspective

1, Each day commit to taking at least 3 short awareness breaks. Set the alarm on your phone to remind you of each one. (About 1 minute is ideal but you can do this in 20 seconds if you have to).

2. In that break, think first about this question. “What are the things in my life now that are absorbing my mental energy and that don’t really matter?”

3. Bring just one of those to focus and make a commitment to limiting your focus on it.

4. Ask the second question “What really matters in my life that I already have going in my favor?’.

5. Bring at least 3 of those to mind and take a moment to be grateful for each of them.

Try this practice today and see what happens.

Have a great day.