Through The Lenses: PRYT Conference 2015

IOT_2916It was truly an amazing and unforgettable experience to view The 2015 Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Conference through the lens of my video camera. It’s always been my dream to make video storytelling and photography more than just a hobby in my life. So when Michael and Lori, the founders of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, asked me to capture the weekend on video, I didn’t hesitate to accept. I was so grateful for the opportunity!

IMG_20150718_093129010_HDRWhile setting the stage for a live broadcast, I captured four PRYT Yoga Therapists speaking about their specializations. They spoke from pure passion, and with purpose.

Beverly Johnson, who specializes in yoga for people who have been affected by cancer, shared knowledge and raised awareness about cancer.She explained how PRYT has made a difference both in and out of the infusion rooms where patients receive treatment, throughout treatments and recovery.



Heather Stang, who specializes in yoga as a way to work through and heal grief, shared from her book Mindfulness and Grief. She discussed how to understand grief and the different ways it impacts us. She shared her experience of incorporating PRYT in her work with grief, for herself and for others.

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Maria Sorbara Mora, a specialist in eating disorders, shared what it’s like to have an eating disorder, the physical and emotional impacts, and how her work with PRYT is changing lives of those living with eating disorders.

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Michael Lee, founder of PRYT and specialist in couples therapy, talked about the challenges and myths in relationships, what it’s like to work with couples, and how PRYT is making a difference.


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Each practitioner showed tremendous dedication and hard work, which shone through their presentations and is demonstrated by how they live day to day.


Mornings started with a Phoenix Rising Yoga class led by Sarah Kaczor, followed by a group facilitator yoga training class led by Lynn Tally in the afternoons. In addition to these yoga classes, we shared a panel discussion, one-on-one interviews, and then ended our wonderful weekend with a delicious brunch and a PRYT graduation ceremony, where those who couldn’t be there in person were still able to experience the event live through my webcam, as if they were in the room with us.







The truth is, we’ve all experienced suffering in different ways and at different points in our lives. Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is designed to alleviate suffering through listening and bringing awareness to your body and to the present, to learn how to recognize what’s happening in your body at any given moment. Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is recognized and implemented at an international level, and helps change lives everywhere. The Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Conference was a beautiful, vibrant experience and it was amazing to be able to capture these moving stories on video, so they can continue to be shared.DCIM101GOPROG0521569.


I highly recommend the experience, and hope you join us next year!