Pain Management with Yoga Therapy


Question from a reader:  How can a mind-body approach to yoga therapy help with chronic pain management?

Answer:  Our approach to yoga therapy is extremely helpful to those who wish to come to terms with their pain rather than “battle” with it. Using a mindful approach to the body, Phoenix Rising Practitioners guide clients into a state of deeper embodied presence and awareness.  This may seem strange at first to someone in pain.  The last thing they tend to want to do it “notice” the pain more, but when they are able to engage with it from a more accepting and less conflicted place, they often find that it lessens it’s grip.  They also are able to use the Phoenix Rising process to gain a greater sense of empowerment in life and generally become better able to handle the daily life issues that come from being in long term treatment for pain.  As an adjunct therapy to more traditional methods, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is very similar to the innovative applications of yoga that are now showing up in medical research as supportive in post-treatment situations with a range of issues.  (See the recent Houston Cancer Treatment Center Research by Dr. Lorenzo Cohen with the application of yoga in the post surgery treatment of women with breast cancer).  One of our practitioners in Canada currently specializes in working with clients seeking support with pain management.  We’ll ask her for a blog post on her work.  Stay tuned.

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