Pushing the ‘reset’ button through Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

I’ve been feeling overloaded lately.  Not in a ho hum, many things to do kind of way but in more of a pulled simultaneously in 18 different directions and wanting to move in all of them at once kind of ripping apart at the seams way.  Sound fun?  I’ve gotten kind of used to this with myself over the years, but every so often things come to a head and it feels time for a big reset before I shred into pieces.  _DSC8665

One of my favorite most delicious “reset” activities is to receive a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy session.  Although I employ this modality as a tool for clients, and studying it has changed, fundamentally, the way that I “do” my life, sometimes I forget to make the time to actually receive a session.  Last week, I did.  As always I was amazed and enriched by all the goodies that came out of it – the wisdom I spoke and the awarenesses I had.

In this particular session I had a lot of noticing around physical support of my body – feeling supported a lot in one or two places, and not at all in others.  I chose to make change, and support my body more moderately all over.  The result was a huge opening in my heart center and feelings of joy.  I connected in with awareness of how I was focusing a lot of energy on keeping all of these areas of my life going, and not giving much attention or support to what keeps ME going! My heart center.

_DSC8660Since the session I’ve been doing more art journaling, more getting outside in nature, more writing, and changed up my personal movement practice – all things that help me stay connected to my heart.  As I do that, all these pulling-me-in-many-directions things have quieted down to where I can hear them and respond from a different place.  I’m feeling much better now – more in the center of my Self and life.  A great reminder to me that even when things feel absolutely insane and I do not know which way is up, my body knows – I simply need to take the time to listen.

Jen Kahn is a Functional and Behavioral Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher, and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist in the final stage of her training.  She can be found online: www.elementalhealthwellness.com, facebook.com/elementalhealthwellness by email: info@elementalhealthwellness.com or in person in Bellingham and Anacortes, WA.