Turn Stress into Bliss

Take a look at the pictures on this page! Wouldn’t you like to be able to experience again the pure joy of life like these folks?

How To Manage StressYou can! Unfortunately, a lot of the information you’ll find on managing stress is packed only with advice and lists of things to do.

Some of this advice, if you take it seriously, will make you even more stressed than you were to start with!

The approach to managing stress you will find here on this site, is different from many of the traditional approaches to stress management.

My name is Michael Lee and I am the founder of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and the author of Turn Stress Into Bliss.

I discovered that if I’m really going to give myself the best shot at living a stress free and enjoyable life, I need to learn processes as well as tips.

I need to learn how to build into my daily life, ways of thinking, ways of relating to myself and others, and doing things that help me build the “inner muscle” to deal with the stress that I encounter in daily life.

We really can’t eliminate all stress from life. At best we can reduce it and learn how to deal with iteffectively when it does come up.

On this site you will find various articles, exercises, yoga techniques, resources,

and ways of thinking that you can try.

Check out the articles section. Here you’ll great stories that illustrate different approaches for different stress situations.

Try the relaxation exercises and yoga routines. They are simple and easy to follow.

The Resources section is packed with valuable links tostress management professionals and programs that I fully endorse.

All the material on this site is here to help you learn how to manage stress in ways that will hopefully bring more bliss to your life and to the lives of those around you.

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