Subtle Yoga Anatomy

How does modern science interact with the subtle yoga anatomy that the ancient yogic texts refer to?

Our new program “Lifestyle and the Subtle Body” will offer you the chance to experientially explore this connection.  You will delve deeply into subtle anatomy and its pertinence to yoga philosophy and yoga practice. Each morning will begin with a Phoenix Rising Yoga class focusing on a different chakra each day.  The day builds on both the experience of that chakra as well as the subtle anatomy and philosophical aspects corresponding to it.  Other components of subtle yoga anatomy and yoga philosophy we include are: bandhas, pranayama, vayus, structure of mind and koshas.

yoga subtle anatomy

You will leave not only with a deeper  understanding of the subtle body and its impact on everyday life, but with tools to use to explore and experience our very own subtle body, as well as with a practice of pranayama and meditation that supports connection with subtle anatomy.

Let your experience inform you and also shed light on how that connects to your life experience.  This is the essence of the Phoenix Rising Experience.  You get to try it on and see how it fits rather than be “told” how it is. After an immersion in this 9 day program you will re-engage life with new awareness which will guide you to the next big step in your life with greater clarity – based on the unique wisdom of your very own body.  Join us!

This program will be held at the Phoenix Rising Center in beautiful Bristol VT from April 11 to 19.   Until April 1st the program fee is only $795 (reduced from $1195). 

Your guide and teacher will be Stephanie Trump who has a Master’s degree in Psychology and is a certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, Group Facilitator and Mentor.

The program can be taken as a “stand alone” but also qualifies for credit for our 300 and 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training and also for Yoga Alliance CEU credits.