Moms Benefit from Yoga Therapy for Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Beyond

“The job of a birth partner or a laboring mother is to look deep within, past the intellect, into the realm of body wisdom, and trust the process. This is the heart of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, and it works in the delivery room like you can’t believe!” ~Lela Beem, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Professional, Evanston, IL. Recently, as part of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy’s Professional Spotlight Series, I had the honor of interviewing Lela Beem, PRYT professional in Evanston, IL. It was Lela who I received my very first... Read The Rest →

Bloody Valentine’s

No I’m not using the word “bloody” like an Australian adjective because I have mixed feelings about the day.   The original Valentine’s holiday, long before it was named after the Saint, was indeed a bloody pagan ritual in ancient Rome. Originally known as Lupercalia, and celebrated on the ides of February (Feb 15th not the 14th), the day was a fertility festival dedicated to Faunus, the Roman god of agriculture, along with the honoring Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome. You may recall learning that Romulus and Remus as babies... Read The Rest →

Yoga Therapy for Trauma – Aileen’s Story

There’s a lot of buzz these days about how effective yoga therapy is for trauma. For over 30 years we’ve seen some amazing results.  In the early years, we didn’t know much about how or why our particular approach (Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy) worked so well for so many.  Now we not only know our work is “trauma-informed” (and pretty much has been from the outset 30 years ago).  It also is clear now from both research and recent developments in neuroscience, that the body is involved when a traumatic... Read The Rest →

Michael Lee’s Interview with J. Brown on Yoga Talks

Michael Lee’s interview as a guest on J. Brown’s Yoga Talks podcast was released September 12th. In the course of over 30 years, as the Founder of Phoenix Rising and the author of several books and articles, Michael has been interviewed many times.  Most have been good interviews, some not so good, and a few have been great. But this one with J. Brown recently is clearly one of our favorites.   J’s interview style and his instant rapport with Michael make for a great conversation.  At times it’s easy going... Read The Rest →

The Power of Embodied Presence and Mindfulness in Yoga Therapy

Embodied Presence – Have you noticed how simply taking a deep breath can often change how you feel? Taking a deep breath is an easy way to re-inhabit your body after your mind and feelings have been racing around and not coming home to you.  Among other things, that deep breath, brings focused awareness back to your physical experience in the moment.   It brings you home to yourself for a few moments, and when you land, things sometimes don’t seem as bad as they did.  This describes a very simple... Read The Rest →

What is a Yoga Therapy Group

Ever been to a traditional therapy group?  How about a yoga therapy group?  Some elements are similar.  One of the advantages of a group is that it provides the opportunity for a participant to “see and be seen”.  This can be therapeutically beneficial and lead to great acceptance of self and others being on a healing journey. Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy groups are one of our most popular offerings and serve many different populations. These range from general stress reduction groups, groups for cancer survivors, groups for those experiencing symptoms... Read The Rest →

Subtle Yoga Anatomy

How does modern science interact with the subtle yoga anatomy that the ancient yogic texts refer to? Our new program “Lifestyle and the Subtle Body” will offer you the chance to experientially explore this connection.  You will delve deeply into subtle anatomy and its pertinence to yoga philosophy and yoga practice. Each morning will begin with a Phoenix Rising Yoga class focusing on a different chakra each day.  The day builds on both the experience of that chakra as well as the subtle anatomy and philosophical aspects corresponding to it.  Other components... Read The Rest →

Phoenix Rising Faculty Profile – Soleil Hepner

This week we feature Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy practitioner and faculty member Soleil Hepner from San Diego, CA. Soleil, what was your first experience of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy? May of 2002 – I was at Mt Madonna in Santa Cruz, CA when I sat to eat lunch with someone taking Level 2 at the time. As she talked about the training, I knew right away that this was ‘it’ And when did you graduate?  I graduated as a Practitioner in Dec. 2002 and as a Phoenix Rising Group Facilitator... Read The Rest →

A Phoenix Rising Perspective

  Recently I painted a mural on the wall leading up the stairway, in my house. I am not a painter by any means. So I did what any modern woman would do, and I goggled “perspective”. While not a trained painter, I have enough artistic training to know, in order to have depth in your piece, perspective must be employed.   I began to review what I had found concerning perspective and vanishing points. For those of you who are unfamiliar with vanishing points, it is the point in... Read The Rest →

Yoga Therapy Training – Changes to Level 3

There are some exciting changes on the horizon of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Practitioner Training.  Currently our Yoga Therapy training includes a combination of Levels, 1, 2 and 3 with 2 adjunct courses; Anatomy & Physiology and Yoga Philosophy.  This format of training has proved to be very rich and full.  It has offered a great amount of personal development to students and has afforded graduates an opportunity to create a professional practice.  Due to changes in the field of yoga therapy, this program will be growing and changing in... Read The Rest →