Michael Lee’s Interview with J. Brown on Yoga Talks

Michael Lee’s interview as a guest on J. Brown’s Yoga Talks podcast was released September 12th.

In the course of over 30 years, as the Founder of Phoenix Rising and the author of several books and articles, Michael has been interviewed many times.  Most have been good interviews, some not so good, and a few have been great.

But this one with J. Brown recently is clearly one of our favorites.   J’s interview style and his instant rapport with Michael make for a great conversation.  At times it’s easy going guy to guy chat but at other times both J and Michael dive deep into some of the so called “issues” in the yoga world.    In the introduction J describes Michael as “a class act” and makes no bones about the fact that the connection between them was both strong and meaningful.  So we thought it was worth a blog post to share this interview with you.  Please listen and share the link with your friends and colleagues on social media.

You might also be interested to know that Michael has several teaching gigs and conference appearances coming up.  Details below.

Enjoy the podcast.

Michael Lee, Founder of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Interviewed by J. Brown on Yoga Talks Podcast

After listening to the podcast, you may be inspired to work with Michael or find out more about his work.  Michael teaches and speaks at conferences around the globe as well as offers private online Life Mentoring sessions.  This month he will be in Japan, Vancouver for the Yoga Expo, later in October he will be in Denver to teach an innovative and upbeat Yoga Philosophy course with Sarah Kaczor and will lead our Yoga Therapy Training Level 2 in Bristol VT this November.  For more information click here.