When the Client is a Couple: Yoga Therapy for Couples

By Michael Lee, Founder of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy When I first started giving Phoenix Rising sessions in 1987, I never thought that it might be anything other than a one on one approach to yoga therapy.  Then, sometime in the early nineties, two people who came to my yoga classes decided to take individual […]

Moms Benefit from Yoga Therapy for Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Beyond

“The job of a birth partner or a laboring mother is to look deep within, past the intellect, into the realm of body wisdom, and trust the process. This is the heart of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, and it works in the delivery room like you can’t believe!” ~Lela Beem, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Professional, […]

An Exercise to Enhance Your Relationship

Michael Lee,  founder of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy,  offers an exercise using a Phoenix Rising Approach to building a stronger relationship with your partner. Sit on the floor facing your partner knee to knee.    Turn the palms of your hands to face each other and move them slowly toward your partner’s hands.  Take your time […]