An Exercise to Enhance Your Relationship

Michael Lee,  founder of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy,  offers an exercise using a Phoenix Rising Approach to building a stronger relationship with your partner.

Sit on the floor facing your partner knee to knee.    Turn the palms of your hands to face each other and move them slowly toward your partner’s hands.  Take your time – no rush.  Let your hands come close to your partner’s hands but without touching.  Pause there for a few moments and breathe.  Close your eyes, breathe, and  feel what is happening.  Right now, in this moment, ask yourself “what is happening now?”.  Open your eyes and slowly withdraw your hands from your partners.  Close your eyes again and ask “what’s happening now?’.    Next, open your eyes and move hands towards each other slowly but this time allow them to touch.   Close eyes and repeat the same question.   Let these three sequences take about 5 minutes. Just sense the time and don’t worry if you are a little out of synch with your partner.  Simply wait for him or her to get to the same place you are.

At the end of the exercise turn to face away from your partner and answer these questions for yourself.  “What did I notice about myself at each stage of this experience?”  “What feelings did I notice?”  “What thoughts crossed my mind?”.

After answering,  turn to your partner and share your answers to your questions.  When your partner speaks, simply listen.  No need for any conversation, explanation, or further questions,  –  simply listen.

Finally, turn away again and ask yourself two last questions.  “What did I learn about me from this experience?”.  And “What did I learn about my partner?”.  Face each other again and share your answers.  See what happens to your relationship following this exercise.  Let us know!

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