Are you up for a life changing adventure in Maine this summer?

My thoughts journey towards the shore of a quiet pond Where the mystical voice of a distant loon Calms my inner soul and softens me spiritually. ~Barbara Jean Veilleaux~ I know of a place like this, and I want you to join me there for a life-changing adventure in Maine. Are you in? This place I’m referring to is in Northern Maine, a very special part of my world. (In other parts of the world, one might refer to it as a summer cottage on a lake, but for those... Read The Rest →

Paddle boarding in Maui

Day 1: I am kneeling on my paddleboard in Maui, desperately trying to find my  “sweet spot.” This sweet spot, (I am told) will enable me to find my center and become grounded. This is necessary before I attempt to stand up and paddle. Finding my center, while kneeling seems doable, finding my center while standing up on the board seems less doable. I notice my thoughts and realize what’s happening. I am behaving as though I should know what to do and be able to stand up immediately. What... Read The Rest →

An Exercise to Enhance Your Relationship

Michael Lee,  founder of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy,  offers an exercise using a Phoenix Rising Approach to building a stronger relationship with your partner. Sit on the floor facing your partner knee to knee.    Turn the palms of your hands to face each other and move them slowly toward your partner’s hands.  Take your time – no rush.  Let your hands come close to your partner’s hands but without touching.  Pause there for a few moments and breathe.  Close your eyes, breathe, and  feel what is happening.  Right now, in... Read The Rest →