What is a Yoga Therapy Group

Ever been to a traditional therapy group?  How about a yoga therapy group?  Some elements are similar.  One of the advantages of a group is that it provides the opportunity for a participant to “see and be seen”.  This can be therapeutically beneficial and lead to great acceptance of self and others being on a healing journey.

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy groups are one of our most popular offerings and serve many different populations. These range from general stress reduction groups, groups for cancer survivors, groups for those experiencing symptoms of PTSD, and even groups for those experiencing irritable bowel syndrome and other similar conditions.

The groups are usually limited to around 10 participants and meet weekly for eight weeks.  Each week is based on a particular life theme taken from Michael Lee’s book Turn Stress Into Bliss.  For example the first week’s theme is termed “Befriending Our Bodies”.  Other themes include Acceptance, Choice, and Flow.  There is always a led experience that includes yoga and meditation and includes the Phoenix Rising integration process.  Participants also have an open forum in which to share with each other if they so choose.  When the first trial groups were run in 2004 it was found participants reported an overall 55% reduction in stress related symptoms by the end of the eight weeks.

From a practitioners perspective the groups are also a great way to serve clients in a different format and at the same time to compliment one on one private yoga therapy sessions.  Hear what Lyn Tally from Charleston Wellness Group in South Carolina (above) has to say about her experiences and also what she learned by becoming a trained group facilitator in Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy.