Phoenix Rising Faculty Profile – Soleil Hepner

This week we feature Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy practitioner and faculty member Soleil Hepner from San Diego, CA.

phoenix rising yoga therapy soleil hepner

Soleil, what was your first experience of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy?

May of 2002 – I was at Mt Madonna in Santa Cruz, CA when I sat to eat lunch with someone taking Level 2 at the time. As she talked about the training, I knew right away that this was ‘it’

And when did you graduate?

 I graduated as a Practitioner in Dec. 2002 and as a Phoenix Rising Group Facilitator in 2004

And when did you become involved with mentoring and teaching?

I first mentored in 2005 and also started assisting Level 1 & 2 programs in 2005 in Seattle and Vancouver BC. I taught my first Level 1 in 2007. Since then I have led programs in Seattle, Vancouver, Portland, New York City, Chicago, and Maui (my favorite!).

And where will you be teaching this year?

Vancouver in Feb & San Diego in September. I now also offer Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy introductory workshops on a quarterly basis and speak regularly at conferences & seminars for therapists & yoga teachers around Southern CA.

What is the most significant thing you’ve learned from your PRYT involvement?

I often say when I teach that I don’t ‘do’ PRYT, I live it. What I mean is that when I first found Phoenix Rising I thought it was going to be my big professional career change and was surprised at how much my personal life changed too, when I practiced this approach to awareness, acceptance, and action.

Do you have a favorite quote that inspires you?

All the Danna Faulds yoga poems that I use when I teach. I particularly like “It’s enough to be buffeted by the winds of change and not blown
over. I and you and all of us, more than enough.”

What is your main focus as practitioner?
In San Diego I work with people in Recovery and those experiencing Eating Disorders and Trauma. I also work with Therapists and started an online Self-Care center at

What advice you would offer to anyone thinking about becoming a PRYT practitioner?
Love what you do. There is no doubt that this work – all of it – is going to change your life.

And where can folks find you on the web?
Find me, my videos and podcasts at