Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy 30th Anniversary Celebration #1

yoga-class-59We begin our year long celebration of our 30th Anniversary with gratitude and this gift from us to you!

2016 Marks the 30th Anniversary of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. We are starting off the year by offering you the first gift of the year – which was created just for you by our Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training Lead Faculty member, Sarah Kaczor.

In this new year, find a quiet place, alone, or with others, and take in this 20 minute Phoenix Rising Therapeutic Yoga Experience.


Happy New Year!
From all of us to all of you!

7 Responses

  1. Thank you! The posture/emotion connection was strong and noticing my reaction very telling on a broad scale. There's magic in the simplicity!

  2. Thanks Sarah, breath labored, reflects WHN now in the new role of caregiver for my father…
    tight upper back, tightness around heart……..I smile as my inner body wisdom whispers, Allow…soften…..accept…..Your gift was just what I needed! Love and Light ….

  3. thank you Sarah, just completed it.Feedback, right side much heavier. sat down halfway, then relaxed arms down as my right rotator cuff has a tear almost healed. Intention, be open, listen, be present, know tht I know.

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