A Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Practitioner’s Story

As a yoga teacher I found that I was working with many students that had injuries or physical challenges of some kind. I began to search for a Yoga Therapy modality that I could learn and use. I saw an advertisement for Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy in Yoga Journal and decided to try the Level 1 training. Initially I had thought that Yoga Therapy training would help me to help others with their physical challenges. After Level 1 training I realized that PRYT was not about ‘fixing’ clients.

What inspired me to continue with the training was the client centered, deep listening and compassionate witnessing of the PRYT Practitioner and the way that this Yoga Therapy process so beautifully facilitates the client to find their own voice and their own way. Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy facilitates awareness and with this awareness the client is empowered to step forward into their life in a way that supports them.

It is hard to remember what life was like before PRYT training. I do know that the training has been the most profound learning experience in my life. It quickly became less about learning how to ‘do’ the work as it was about learning to ‘be’ the work.

If I can be present to facilitate a deeper connection to Self for someone, then I am happy, I am more complete in myself.

I loved the Packet work that we received for Level 3 and looked forward to giving practice sessions and the reading requirements. It was not always easy … I was invited to look at myself on deeper levels, both in my own life and as a Practitioner in training. The training program beautifully supported me to find the courage and self acceptance to continue through the 9 months of Level 3. It was a time of very deep and rich learning. What stood out? Level 3. The time spent together with other students and mentors at Level 3 Orientation and Midterm, the support that I received in weekly phone calls with my mentor. What has impacted me the most has been my own personal growth and the richness I have found in that.

When I completed the training I continued to teach yoga and began to offer PRYT sessions. Since the training I feel much more connected to myself and in touch with who I am. When I do experience a sense of disconnect I feel that I have the tools and support to navigate back to that connection to myself once again. What has unfolded has been a realization that this essence of PRYT is a continuing practice that I imagine will be with me through the rest of my life.

I am self employed and as a PRYT Practitioner and I offer yoga therapy sessions and Mentoring sessions to clients. I also mentor students in Level 3 trainings which keeps me in touch with the PRYT Center and any new developments in the work. I find tremendous support being a part of the PRYT family!

Phoenix Rising has become a part of my life and who I am. It really feels like there is no separation between my life and my work!


Gillian Motyer, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Practitioner, Mentor, Therapeutic Mentor and PRYT Yoga Teacher. She is based in Bermuda and can be found on our directory here.